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Sept 10th - Patch Notes 0.11.34

Hello all,

We’re moving our experimental branch to default today. 0.11.31 will become 0.11.34. There have been a good deal of changes in between 0.11.31 and 0.11.34. Melee and fortification improvements among the other changes listed below are a bit part of the recent update.  Below are a few screens, gifs and videos of just some of the progress that has gone into this patch. If you're into helping us crush bugs please report them on our public tracker.

Melee Improvements

Melee has needed some love for some time now. We’ve begun to improve the system in 0.11.34. Melee damage now provides some feedback. You’ll see in the video below zombies react to the direction of your swings and where you hit them. Zombie hit boxes have been tightened up and melee in general has improved. The effects are not just for punching, melee weapon reactions, animations and hit boxes have also been improved.

Propane Tank Damage

Roadside signs will help you navigate the map

Map update and improvements

Fortification Mechanic Update

Fortification mechanics have been altered slightly. Newly placed fortification objects now start with a default strength of 10 instead of 2. This speeds up fortifying overall and gives newly placed fortifications more significance. Locks now have an initial strength of 500 when applied. This makes them much harder for player and zombie to break in through a door or get into a locked container.

Patch 0.11.34 (Changes since 0.11.31)

  • Fixed issue with database which was incorrectly retaining door states.

  • Large water storage container no longer spawning. (Future feature content.)

  • Wrenches no longer fall into some surfaces.

  • Camera now animates when hammering fortifications.

  • Potential fix for new day UI and stat changes not always working.

  • Resolved relevancy issue which would cause nearby objects to turn off for a little while when dropping items.

  • (Regression) Bear traps are now craftable again. Introduced in - Unknown

  • (Regression) Vehicles now blow up again. Introduced in v0.11.31.

  • Vehicles start now start smoking when their condition reaches 30. Previously it was 60.

  • Melee weapons no longer disappear when hitting locks.

  • (Regression) Zombies are no longer invisible when moving away and then back to them while another player is nearby. Introduced in v0.11.33

  • Improved issue where the zombie could still reach the player with their attack after being stunned.

  • Fixed issue which caused the wrong hit reaction animations to play on zombies when they were hit by another player.

  • Resolved various null refs on the server.

  • Arms no longer cast shadows when performing action like warming hands or eating.

  • Fixed scenario which could allow berry harvesting in the winter even though plant would still be bare.

  • New roads, structures and points of interest added to ingame map.

  • Higher resolution textures added to ingame map.

  • Map key functionality added with info to ingame map.

  • Resolved error being spammed into log while joining game.

  • Crafting planks from log now produces 5 planks instead of 8.

  • Each hit now adds 2 strength to fortifications instead of 1. With this change and other tweaks fortifying is approximately 3x faster.

  • Newly placed fortification objects now start with a default strength of 10 instead of 2. This speeds up fortifying overall and gives newly placed forts more significance.

  • Tweaked melee weapon attack rates so that the cool down is always less than the attack rates. This stops them returning to the static our positions which makes melee feel more rigid overall.

  • Standard planks now have a max strength of 40 instead of 60. This is in preparation of stronger fort types.

  • Locks now have a default strength of 500. Previously 100.

  • Melee weapons now receive varied damage from hitting objects.

  • Melee weapons now do varied damage to fortifications/locks.

  • Fixed error which was happening when lock was scrambling after the played had closed lock UI.

  • Explosions now break window frame glass near the explosion.

  • Zombie male/female/skinny female/Fat now use random textures for torso/legs/hair.

  • Can no longer crouch under water surface on terrain 62.

  • Canteen (Clean) variants of water have been changed to look better.

  • Attack animation on hatchet now works on chop down animation.

  • Improved zombie hit reaction animation effects.

  • Stopped rabbit trap drop from decaying.

  • Updated alpha disclaimer on game load in preparation of early access.

  • Improved hit accuracy for flashlight attacks.

  • Melee spawners no longer spawn flashlights. This means more percentage of melee is usable weapons. Flashlights now spawn as weapon attachments.

  • Cricket vehicle camera height increased slightly to allow better view out of back window.

  • Structures no longer spawn zombies once entry ways are all fortified/locked.

  • Intersection texture fixed on terrain 29.

  • Propane fire trap volume lowered.

  • Added directional player camera animations when attacking with melee.

  • New AI stunning system added. Zombies now play directional hit effects and become stunned when hit.

  • Zombies can no longer become crawlers from melee attacks.

  • Reduced the chance that zombies push the player when bumping into them.

  • Reduced melee avoidance distance against walls.

  • Zombies no longer play hit reactions while climbing.

  • Resolved issue which sometimes stopped zombie hit reactions working.

  • Fixed issue which stopped melee damage being dealt to zombies when the hands were hit.

  • Zombies no longer jump through wall in police armory.

  • Added town distance signs between towns so that players can navigate more easily.

  • Fixed dupe glitch which was causing weapon attachments to not get removed after a server restart.

  • (0.11.31 regression) Weapon attachments can now be removed again.

  • Vehicles no longer play glass breaking sound effect when initializing.

  • Secondary hammer attack now works again.

  • Crafting recipe no longer clears back to list after crafting an item.

  • Baseball bat with nails no longer play the incorrect animations when being used by other players.

  • Baseball bat with nails no longer casts incorrect shadows.

  • Road on entry into Union Point on terrain 54 now have collision.

  • Glass breaking VFX and SFX no longer play when hitting windows while trying to fortify.

  • Trees that have been cut down no longer produce their autumn falling leaves VFX.

  • Player no longer bobs up and down when crouched near a fire that is on.

  • Removed various log errors that were happening due to item relevance.

  • Crawling zombies no longer transition back to standing zombies when moving far away from them.

  • Crawling zombies now align with surface they're on.

  • Players can now move while consuming from canteen.

  • Credit window improvements.

  • Small workbenches can now be picked up like other drops. Previously they opend the inventory to the crafting page like large benches. This prevented the item being picked up.

  • Server no longer throws errors when vehicle condition gets updated.

  • Resolved issue causing weapon avoidance to not work when equipping a weapon from the inventory.

  • Overall improvements to melee hit detection while standing near objects.

  • Avoidance now stops melee attacks.

  • Resolved issue which stopped player animations playing when looking up.

  • Player camera now plays animation when taking damage from zombies.

  • Improved camera shake caused by explosions.

  • Potential fixes for AI not spawning after several days of up time.

Thanks much for the continued support. We’ll keep smoothing out this .11 build and get it into proper shape for a solid alpha build. We couldn’t do it without the continued dedication of backers willing to help test for issues and suggest fixes and improvements. The 0.11.35 builds are already in the works feel free to follow along with our progress on the changelog.


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