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Patch Notes - Alpha 1.7.37 (Hot Fix)

March 9

Last Monday we released our 1.7 patch which introduced solo and hosting gameplay. The team is working on 1.8 and the upcoming graphical update, alongside quite a bit more. Today's update will be a quick little hotfix. We're waiting on Steam's approval on the release of linux server builds. We'll be back to our regular weekly devblogs on Friday with another peek at what has been going into 1.8 and beyond.

Patch Notes - Alpha v1.7.37 (Hot Fix)

  • MessageSystem.cs optimisation to save all the instances of finding object with tag

  • UI updates for settings stamina to disabled when option is turned off

  • Made vehicles slightly more common based on config option

  • Another fix for disabling hordes

Linux Servers & Steamcmd

If you're interested in running linux servers, we likely don't have to explain the steps to you here. To be perfectly honest and while our official servers do run on Linux, we've not really had a chance to develop on it and don't have an in house Linux machine. Steamcmd should install the depot without issue giving you access to the Config folder. Running a server should be as easy as editing config files and running ./Linux_Server_x64.

If you don't have Steamcmd you'll need to install it along with some dependencies. Below are the steps we've taken to install via Steamcmd and the project.

sudo mkdir /home/[user]/steamcmd
cd /home/[user]/steamcmd
sudo wget
sudo tar -xvzf steamcmd_linux.tar.gz
sudo apt-get install lib32gcc1
sudo ./
login [user][pass][tfa]
Steam>force_install_dir ../stn (or whatever you want to name it)
app_upadate 1502300 validate 

Windows Servers

Currently we only have a Linux based depot on Steam but we'll be working on a Windows based option shortly. We have had quite a few requests for windows server files and while it technically is possible with the packaged files, it's not ideal and requires some messing about. We'll have a nicely put together Windows option as soon as possible.


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