Patch Notes - Alpha 1.6 (Black Ridge Prison | Bitterhold | QoL ++)

December 12

We’ve released the 1.6 patch to our stable branch on Steam. You can find our patch notes below. There’s a lot of testing and breaking to do so go at it! Please do your best to check against the list of changes and report bugs using the in game bug report system.

Black Ridge Prison

You'll find our latest Point of Interest to be our biggest and hardest yet. The structure itself is massive, consisting of multiple outer structures and a large prison compound. You'll find a small workshop, offices and garages. The prison features new door mechanics, a draw bridge multiple armories and a pharmacy. It's our first POI to feature keycard controlled doors. The player will find their first keycard controlled door at the prison bridge control room. In order to access the draw bridge controls you'll need to first battle your way through one of the two police stations on Black Rock and scoop up a keycard.

Prison garage and prison bus

Watch your step!

Bridge control room locked with a keycard

Prison drawbridge keycard found in Addersfield or Union Point police stations

Prison Armory and Rewards

The prison is quite a challenge, the last stand in the cell house can get very intense. There are nearly 90 working cells in the tower and a mess of angry zombies to deal with. The reward for completing this POI outside of gained XP is a massive armory. Along with the main armory players will find a sizable medical supply along with a secondary armory. There should be loads of weapons, medical items and ammo to stock on should you make it through to the end you'll also find yourself a prison bus to make a quick escape. Outside of these rewards we'll be introducing (at community request) extended magazines. These will only be found at the prison :)

Extended mags

Commercial Generators!

Some of you might remember our older builds. These builds featured non-working commercial generators on larger structures. We'll be introducing this mechanic working in 1.6, you'll find commercial generators on POIs like the prison and police stations. At player request we've also removed the ability to lock rooms generators are located in like those at the airport. Let us know if you think we should add these commercial generators to other structures.

Commercial generator

An Island is Born (Bitterhold)

Along with a completely new prison island we've reworked the entire old island. A few weeks back we asked the community for a name and the team ended up selecting "Bitterhold". The new town is pretty large, features a split level design with the church and possibly some future homes overlooking the rest of the island. You'll find a good deal of loot here and it might be a great place to stock up before taking on the prison POI.

'Bitterhold' our new island​

Bitterhold from afar

Inventory Changes

  • We've been listening to feedback and chatting with supporters on our forums. We've made quite a few changes to the inventory system. In the past couple of builds we've improved inventory background pictures, added icons and updated fonts. In 1.6 James has taken a bit of time to improve some quality of life issues with the inventory.

  • Hovering over items in the inventory now only changes an items description area on mouse idle, this will reduce the constant changing of the left inventory page and makes the experience much easier on the eyes.

  • Weapons can now be cleaned from the description (left side) page, you'll find the clean button right near the condition readout. This will also allow the player to clean weapons they don't have equipped.

  • We've removed the crafting recipes for sharpening in place we've added a sharpen option in the item description much like the cleaning option above for weapons. This has been requested for some time and it's a great suggestion.

  • Improved ammo area layout making it easier to read.

  • You can now search for appropriate attachments right from the weapons description area making the attachment system much easier to understand overall.

  • The sort button for the inventory now looks like an actual button.

  • The entire search bar is now clickable in the inventory. Previously only the left side was clickable.

  • We've introduced a 'Quick craft' option as per community request.