April 24th - Patch Notes - Alpha 1.3 (Police Station | Fortifications | Discord Integration++)

Hello all,

We’ve released the 1.3 patch to our stable branch on Steam. You can find our patch notes below. There’s a lot of testing and breaking to do so go at it! Please do your best to check against the list of changes and report bugs using the in game bug report system. We'll have a devblog out shortly. We apologize for the delay in getting our builds to default. Working at home has taken a bit of getting used to and obviously isn't as smooth as working from the office.

This update includes quite a few fixes and improvements along with a new point of interest. The police stations on the island have been completely reworked. You'll find a new police station in both Union Point and Addersfield. You'll find ammo and area specific weapons now only spawning in the armories of police stations. There are a lot of improvements and changes made for 1.3 please check against the changelog below to see them all.

The Police Station

Our police station reworks includes a total rework to the structure and surrounding area. You'll find it to be much larger, it features a generator room, armory, offices, gun range along with many other corridors and passageways. The structure also features newly designed doors, including electric gates and one way doorways. Door sounds have also been updated across the board.  

New Police Station Front

Emergency Lighting

Police Station Armory

Evidence Lockup

Cell Doors (these will open when structure is powered)

New Fortifications

We've introduced a number of new and stronger fortifications. You'll find bars, reinforced planks, plywood sheets, metal sheeting and a few more. The .gif below showcases these new, craftable fortifications. 

Improved Server Stability and Performance

James has made quite a few tweaks to our server performance. We should now see less stutter and the ability to hold more players on each server. These tweaks are all being done with player run servers in mind. We're in the process of optimizing our server builds so you'll be able to host from home for free. This should essentially satisfy the need for those that would like to play alone or just with friends. We'll also be working on a single player wrapper, allowing the player to play without the need to host a server.

These improvements also include a server restart system. This system will automatically restart the servers at least once per day. Players can also now request a server restart with the /restart command.

Discord Integration 

Discord has been a massive part of the project since we launched un-listed pre-alpha at the end of 2017. It has provided a great deal of direct 1 on 1 contact with players and a tremendous amount of feedback. You'll be able to see player stats along with joining your friends on servers with a simple, single click! Below is a video of just a few of the newly introduced hooks. We are looking into expanding this with the possibility of Discord replacing our out of date in game voice chat. If you have any other suggestions please use the in game F1 menu to suggest them.

PVE Improvements

Players playing on our PVE servers have requested some changes and we've introduced them in 1.3. Players will no longer be able to damage locks (unless they're the owners). Vehicles no longer damage players. Player traps no longer damage others, along with a few other changes. This should improve the PVE aspects quite a bit.

Sound Design

We've introduced new ambient tracks and sounds along with improved zombie sounds and design. You'll find they sound design ever evolving as we move through the next few updates. The current improvements should help the general sound feel in the project and we're looking forward to expanding on these changes.

  • Improvements to zombie in vicinity system.

  • Improvements to zombie alert sound reactions.

  • Ambient sounds overhaul

  • Wind noise system based on player height in the environment.

  • Dynamic storm sounds playing with heavy rain and storm.

  • Weather sounds transition system when entering buildings.

  • Random ambient events system that plays 3d sounds around the player (frogs/crickets/crows/other birds/wind). Also plays different sounds depending on the time of day.

  • Improved sound design by creating pooled audio playing to stop certain sounds getting cut off.

  • Audio can now be heard after death (during fall to ground)

  • Added new audio control system which muffles and reduces the range of sounds that are behind a wall.

Patch Notes - 1.3.9

  • Zombies now play correct animation when climbing through windows.

  • Zombies no longer spawn in fortified structures.

  • Reinforced plank placement improved.

  • Fixes for seeing other players consuming items.

  • Fixed issue with navigation through hole in wall on first floor of new police POI.

  • Fixed issue with collision on bridge south of union point.

  • Shopping carts can now be harvested.

  • Hatchet no longer has a floating shadow while equipped.

  • Reduced the volume of the interior loud speakers in the police POI.

  • Zombies now scream when walking down the cell corridor.