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Dec 6th - Patch Notes - Alpha 1.0.2 (Hot Fix)

Hello all,

We’ve released the 1.0.2 patch to our stable branch on Steam. We'll be posting our first alpha devlog shortly with more information on all the new changes since alpha release.

You can find our patch notes below. Please do your best to check against the list of changes and report bugs using the in game bug report system. There could still be network and sync issues from the recent changes in our network backbone. If you experience anything weird, please report it. Thanks for playing, submitting bug reports, providing feedback & supporting the game in alpha.

Patch 1.0.2 (HotFix)

  • (Regression in 1.0.1) Fixed issue that was causing some network messages to not send correctly. This could result in missing players, broken vehicles and other strange behavior.

  • (Regression in 1.0.1) Fixed issue that was causing player inventories to break.

  • Stopped certain inputs happening while in the user bug report window.

  • Added hotkey (F1) for opening user report without entering the menu.

  • Player storage containers now have description that explains a little about how locks work.

  • Container descriptions no longer contain misinformation about storage capacity.

  • Double barrel shotgun sounds are now effected by audio sliders in the menu.


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