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April 20th - Patch Notes 0.5.13

Hello all, We’re moving our experimental branch to default today. We’ve done a bit of testing there and feel it’s stable enough. We’re also introducing our new and improved changelog and roadmap developed by @Clinton. This new changelog will allow you to keep tabs on us a bit better and should showcase exactly what it is we’re working on. As mentioned in the last update, we've reworked our base electrical system. We've added some features along with a massive amount of tweaking.

The machine UI's (generators, electrical meters and breaker panels) all function now. They've also all been reworked to include the ability to interact and activate the machine. You're still able to hold E to activate without ever opening the machine's UI. Breaker panel logic has been reworked. If a panel is powering more than it should and is overloaded, breakers will fail and the player will need to replace them. Each breaker can power a set amount of electrical equipment. Although other mechanics do already draw electricity, you'll find the main draw is lighting. You will have fair you can see in the gif below, the lights themselves will flicker and let you know things are about to go wrong. Generators now use fuel based on the amount of draw on them. If you're powering a structure and keeping one room lit, your generator may run the entire night. If you're powering an entire house, you'll need to top up those fuel levels! Fuel stations are not fully functioning. The player can gather fuel from any fuel stations with just an empty fuel can and a siphon. Once fuel stations are powered you'll find the fuel pumps function and fuel can be gathered without the siphon. The garage doors are also functioning along with the exterior signs and lights! There are many more additions and fixes in this update. It's the largest we've done. If you have the time, please remember to submit any bugs or issues you find on our tracker. It's a great help to the team!

Here you can see the new interactable generator UI

New interaction on breaker panels

A breaker explodes in a panel box due to overload. Avoid this by adding additional breakers.

Random light flicker

New fluorescent lighting - Bonus Tip: Clear buildings first!

Making a little too much noise testing electrics

Patch Notes 0.5.13

Hot fix 0.4.13

  • Wind up flashlight attack animations now play for others.

  • Flashlight inspecs now work again. This was also breaking weapons.

  • Lock kits now spawn in various containers.

  • Tweaked electrical items spawns so that they're a bit more varied.

  • Generator no longer starts with parts.

  • Electrical meters no longer start with parts in them.

  • Windup flashlight no longer casts incorrect shadows.

  • Small work bench should no longer spawn and can only be got through crafting.

  • Fuel extraction points now work more consistently and take the correct amount of fuel for the containers you have.

  • Fuel extraction points now run out of fuel.

  • Worklamps now cause the generator to burn fuel quicker.

  • Single input commands that take no arguements now work again.

  • /Help command should now be working again.

  • Fixed issue where certain items would turn into cardboard when being dropped or moved into containers.

  • Tree stems should no longer disapear after being cut.

Hot fix 0.4.12

  • Generators no longer stack in the inventory.

  • Fixed issue where fluorescent light strips were trying to use regular light bulbs

Hot fix 0.4.11

  • Fixed generator turning on when dropped for the first time. Generator wasn't actually on, only the effects.

Hot fix 0.4.10

  • Fixed issue which stops server restarting after crash without a db reset. Cause of initial crash still needs identifying. Please report any info you can figure out regarding it.


  • Added ability for items to turn into other items rather than being destroyed when they are empty/0 quantity. Example: water purification tables can now turn in to empty card board box.

  • Now possible to log off at bus shelters.

  • Shooting door handles no longer shows decals hitting an invisible box around them.

  • Game volume no longer resets to full volume between play sessions.

  • Fixed weird spelling on coffee pot texture.

  • Added coming soon UI to the radiator.

  • Added coming soon UI to the Coffee pot.

  • Fixed issue where sounds could be incorrectly heard after death.

  • Pressing interact key on dirty water sources now opens the inventory.

  • Weather now syncs with other players when first joining the game. Previously it was only updating after the weather changed again.

  • Significantly increased the burn time of fire wood and coal. Fires can now in theory last through the night.

  • Other players flashlights should always be visible to each other now and be persistent when joining the game.

  • Zombies take longer to disappear after being killed.

  • Notice boards now give maps.

  • Players now do varied amounts of damage to locks dependant on what weapon they are using.

  • Zombies now do less damage to locks.

  • Zombies now have a chance of giving up when attacking a door.

  • Improved fuel cap lid model to make it more clear.

  • Pallet variants now spawn electrical items based loot.

Electrics Overhaul

  • Fuel burns quicker based on the amount of load on the generator.

  • Generators now stall when load becomes too much.

  • Breaker panels now blow breakers and trip the power when the load is too much.

  • Generators now have startup, miss start and dying logic and effects.

  • Fuel station signs now works.

  • Electric garage doors now work.

  • Sinks now provide clean water when pumps have power.

  • Fuel station pumps now provide fuel when station is powered.

  • All light bulb types can now be shot and destroyed.

  • Added work light variant that is triggered by a movement sensor that can be triggered by players or Ai.

  • LED indicator light added to generator.

  • LED indicator light added to meter and breaker panels. Off = no power, Red = power but inactive panel and green = power and active panel.

  • LED indicator light added to various other machines that require power.

  • Lights now have a chance of randomly flickering which is synced on all clients.

  • Fixed scenario where [Add] button was missing when trying to add fuel but can’t. Now displays grey [Add] button for clarity.

  • Jerry cans now show fuel amount in name. Example: Jerry can (11/20)

  • Jerry cans no longer stack.

  • Generators now spawn with some parts.

  • Generator fuel tanks can no longer be removed and act as a fixed attachment.

  • Fuel tank in generator now shows how much fuel is remaining next to name. Example: Fuel tank (11/20)

  • Added fuel gauge to generator GUI to better indicate how full the tank in and added button for taking and removing fuel from that location as well.

  • Electric meter and breaker panels now have animated leavers.

  • Improved switch/lever model on meter and breaker panels and reversed direction.

  • Moved runtime remaining display under generator picture.

  • Changed top right corner button in generator UI from [move] to [Close]

  • Added [Interact] button in the generator UI next to the new fuel gauge which allows you to start the generator from the UI.

  • Added [Take] and [Place] button next to new [Interact] button which lets you pickup or move the generator.

  • Added [Interact] button in breaker and meter panel UI’s so that they can be activated while still in the UI.

  • Added indicator light in UI for generator, meter and breaker panel.

  • Added indicator light key to UI in the generator, meter and breaker panel to help guide players.

  • Fixed issue where parts couldn’t be moved to a generator from the inventory using the [Move] button inventory.

  • Changed required parts for the generator to make them more realistic.

  • Worklamp range increased.

  • Worklamp light intensity increased significantly.

  • Freestanding lamps now have a [Interact] button in the UI instead of an independent switch.

  • Generators now only power meters that are within 5m.

  • Generators, meter and breaker descriptions no longer run off screen.

  • Added fluorescent light type and placed them around the world in appropriate locations.

  • Exterior lights all work

  • Reduced size of work lamp

  • Added additional particles and sounds to lights and electrics.


  • Clicking the search bar in the crafting menu while crafting now cancels the current craft.

  • Fixed the width of the craftable names in the search list view that were being cut off too soon.

  • Updated [Minus] UI in the inventory so that it no longer clips the ].

  • Changed greyed out [drop] buttons to greyed out [minus] buttons while on the crafting page.

  • Stopped the crafting sound getting stuck in an endless loop when clearing or canceling the current craft.

  • Removed cleaning with dirty rags craftrables.

  • New small workbench is now craftable.


  • Crouch height changed to bring it in line with how the proxy characters look.

  • Smoothed out crouch motion and made it feel more natural.

  • Added slightl bounce at end of crouch to make the motion feel more fluid.

  • Added head raise when moving while crouched (matches motion proxy animation makes).

  • Added slight head lowering when moving while standing.

  • Increased speed of transition between crouched and standing.

  • Default mouse sensitivity reduced.

  • Mouse sensitivity now correctly matches your previous play session.

  • Player steepness checks improved and are now more accurate.

  • Particles added when sliding on surfaces that are too steep.

  • Player can now walk up steeper slopes.

  • Players can no longer spam jump to get up steeper surfaces. Player is now pushed away from the surface being jumped on.

  • Camera jolt when landing from a jump is more intense based on the Y velocity.

  • Water bottles no longer get destroyed when filling from a dirty water source when you have more than 1 empty bottle.

  • Can now move water between saucepans and bottles.


  • Fixed floating road on terrain 57.

  • Fixed position of the furthest LOD on structure TwoFi_Brick_WGarage_Fix_pref

  • Reduced reflections on tv screens.

  • Removed unusable large generators to save confusion. For now all large structures can be powered using a normal generator

  • Fixed floating road on terrain 35.

  • Fixed texture seams in House_plaster_10 model.

  • Replaced ceiling material in house_plaster_10 model for something more appropriate.

  • Moved floating bushes on terrain 31 to the ground.

  • Moved floating stone wall on terrain 38 to the ground.

  • Fixed water clipping through the ground on terrain 30.

  • Missing water added on terrain 27.

  • Moved floating bushes in scene 52 to the ground.

  • Moved tree that was clipping rock on terrain 37.

  • Added bus stops to entrances and central areas in towns around the island.

  • Added a bit of extra design around new bus stops


  • FPS limited during the splash screen

  • Improved performance while firing weapons.


  • Fixed scenario where reload sounds were being unloaded incorrectly. Most noticeable on progressively reloaded weapons.

  • Fixed scenario that would make the ammo in weapons go out of sync.


  • Added fluorescent light pickup.

  • Added small work bench.

  • Added pull start pickup for generators.

  • Added carburettor pickup for generators.

  • Empty can weight changed to 0.2 lbs

  • Firewood weight changed to 12 lbs

  • Box of nails weight changed to 1 lbs

  • Planks weight changed to 2.5 lbs

  • Empty saucepans weight changed to 2.2lbs

  • Camping tripod weight changed to 26 lbs

  • Camping tripod now requires metal rods to craft.

  • Hatched weight changed to 2.3 lbs

  • Hatched handle weight changed to 0.65 lbs

  • Hatched Head weight changed to 1.65 lbs

  • Campfire weight changed to 12 lbs

  • Empty water bottle weight changed to 0.1 lbs

  • Saucepans now weigh 3.2 lbs

  • Cans now weigh 1.2 lbs

  • Changed bateman weight to 3 lbs

  • Changed the rauser weight to 1.5 lbs

  • Changed the lola weight to 1.8 lbs

  • Purification tablets name updated for clarity.

  • Mugs can now be cleaned via crafting.

  • Fixed the tackle box drop so that it is now a tackle box.


  • Various new consuming animations that were previously missing.

  • New generic eating animation for items that don't have a dedicated animations.

  • Fixed clipping animation when consuming canned items.

  • Fixed clipping lola&garrry handgun inspect animation.

  • Wood stove door now has animations for opening and closing.

Admin / Util.

  • Fixed /Kill command. Example: /Kill zombie 50

  • Added kill command chat return which gives detailed information about what was killed.

  • Deleted or re-id’d items no longer break the inventory for players that had those items when they last logged off.


  • Audio issues that stop the sliders working as expected.

What's to Come (0.6.X)

Our biggest milestone for 0.6 is physical loot. Physical loot will allow us to greatly expand on loot variety and spawn places. You'll soon see purposefully designed structures and shops i.e. bars and pubs, factory props and design, garage props and design, grocery stores and design, weapons shops and pharmacy design etc.

Bar Redesign 1

Bar Redesign 2

Once physical loot is in and tweaked players will know they can go to a certain town or shop when looking for certain loot. Generators can be found in hardware stores, fuel from fuel stations, drugs from the pharmacy and so on. We'll be working on network performance. We're also in the process of developing a network culling tool that should allow us to really flesh out a physically spawned loot system. As always, to the those that have supported us, we thank you. Thank you for the current help sorting through issues and fleshing out features. We're very excited to be able to continue working on the project and look forward to a full fledge solid alpha release later in the year! Come join us on Discord (it's nice and quiet there now with only the hardcore bug hunters and testers chatting).


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