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Oct 9th - Patch Notes - Alpha 1.5.27 (Hot Fix)

Hello all,

We've released the Hotfix (Alpha 1.5.27) to our default branch on Steam. You can find our patch notes below. Please report bugs and issues in game using the F1 menu.

Patch Notes - Alpha v1.5.27 (Hot Fix)

  • Fix for mental health affects being overly intense.

  • Fix for dying not always clearing up player from the database.

  • Fix for invisible fortifications

  • Fix for hint limiter causing black screen on startup

  • Mac build fix

  • Resolved issue which could cause servers to hang indefinitely.

  • Server restart times significantly reduced.

  • Dropped items should visible sooner.

  • Fixed exploitable locked doors.

  • Fixes for zombies respawning after being killed.

  • Optimisations for the enabling of world loot around the player.

  • Hit particles now working correctly again.

  • Crafting recipes fixed (Club)

  • Wooden log pickup weight glitch fixed.

  • Nail bomb particle fixed. No longer bright at night.


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