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March 14th - Patch Notes 0.4.6

Hello all,

We're moving our experimental branch to default today. We've done a bit of testing there and feel it's stable enough. You can check the changes below. They're all located on the changelog. We'll be releasing the next experimental patch 0.4.7 sometime next week! Thanks much for the continued support! General

  • Player should no longer be able to get stuck in shipping container by jumping on boxes.

  • Shooting glass in middle of exterior doors now shows glass particles.

  • Shooting through gaps in glass on exterior doors no longer shows particles.

  • Wood in the the middle of the exterior doors is now penetrable.

  • Terrains now cast shadows.

  • Drinking energy now notifies player of stamina change.

  • Improved inventory item resource checking methods so that it can now aggregate the items with resources.

  • Fixed issue where you would sometimes not be able to un-crouch or jump.

  • Added craftable lock kit which is crafted using all the individual parts you used to use to fit locks.

  • Stopped hotkeys working while the equipped weapon is being cleaned (this previously broke the inventory).

  • Fixed issue where consuming items that didn’t have animations could break the item consuming.

  • Changed logic so that switching away from a jammed weapon takes slightly longer than usual (this previously broke the inventory).

  • All [Eat] [Drink] [Use] buttons go grey while consuming another item to save confusion.

  • Fixed issue where hotkeys would go out of sync if you equipped a weapon from the inventory or moved the equipped weapon to a container.

  • Fixed issue where canceling consume animation would break all other consuming.

Lock upgrades

  • Locks are now persistent through server restarts.

  • Added notifications for all lock operation from placing to to locking.

  • Fixed scenario where only one lock on each door could be interacted with.

  • Locks no longer spam errors when there are multiple players on the server.

  • Fixed issue that was allowing the inventory to be open while in the lock UI.

  • Added functionality to resetting code locks after they’ve been set.

  • Added button on lock UI which points to the wiki page.

  • Changed lock placement objects so that they now take lock kits and not all the individual parts.

  • Lock code input wheels now move smoothly.

  • Materials on lock UI improved so they glow correctly.

  • Fixed straight lock visualization.

  • Added ability to click the hoop in the lock UI which will snap the lock shut.

  • (0.3.5) Locks are now much more resistant to player damage making them much more useful.

  • (0.3.5) Weapons do different amounts of damage to locks now rather than a default range.


  • (0.3.5) Zombies are now drawn to flashlights.

  • All flashlights are now capable of attacking.

  • Altered flashlight logic for wind up so that pressing right mouse is on/off and holding starts the wind up. (Left click is now attacking)

  • Spamming debugs on server for flashlights removed.

  • Flashlights now have inspect readout.

  • Can no longer start charging wind up flashlight while in the map.

  • Melee weapons now have inspect readout!

  • Flashlights now have inspect animations and read outs.

  • Fixed issue where flashlights weren't being disabled when unequipped

  • Light colours and intensity updated on all flashlights for better balancing.

  • Light range and spot angle updated on all flashlights (Proxy and FPS have the same values)

  • Cookies assigned to all flashlights.

  • Notification added for when you're trying to activate a flashlight but it doesn't have any batteries

  • Small flashlights both led and non led say they are small in the name now.

  • Large flashlights both led and non led say they are large in the name now.


  • AI now takes significantly longer to break open doors with locks.

  • Zombies can now retarget after starting to attack a door.

  • Minimum amount of attacks for a zombie to open an unlocked door has been increased.

  • Situation fixed where zombie could walk through doors if there was a player near by but the zombie wasn't moving towards any sound or had any targets. This would only happen if the player is in god mode or if the player has more than the max amount of zombies chasing him.

  • Improved zombie player awareness when interacting with or through doors.


  • Added lock kit pickup which is now used instead of all the individual parts when fitting a lock.

  • Canned items now have the correct prefix in name.

  • All items in sauce pans now have the correct prefix in name.

  • Fixed the size of the collider on the tea candle pickup.

  • Fixed capitalization issue in energy drink name.

  • Oats now turn into the correct object when cooked.

  • Canned sausage now turns in to the correct object when cooked.

  • Canned dog and cat food now return empty cans when consumed.

  • Boxed Spaghetti and potatoes now return empty cardboard when consumed.

  • Cooked tomato soup new returns the same Cals as the uncooked.

  • Cooked pineapple now has 0 sickness chance.


  • Fixed the inventory spacing/alignment issues in the tabs after All category.

  • Removed the [-] that wasn’t used on the inventory tabs.

  • Fixed capitalization on ‘You’re too fatigued to jump’ notification.

  • Added name scaling in the inventory for item names that are really long.

  • Given the name width in the inventory more space.

  • Coming soon UI added to propane grill.


  • Fixed issue which allowed the mouse sensitivity to get stuck when scoping out/switching weapons

  • R-6804 Jam speed is now slightly faster.

  • Melee fire rates tweaked for balancing

  • Melee damage tweaked on some weapons for balancing.

  • Consuming energy drink now plays drinking animation.

  • R-6804 Jam animation no longer clips the scope with his thumb.

  • Hatchets now work for chopping trees.

  • Hatchets now work for hitting enemies.

  • Melee tree chopping precision improved.


  • Fixed chair on prop_wooden_table_fallen.fbx which was angled unrealistically and was defying gravity.

  • Fixed stretched textures on prop_wooden_table_fallen.fbx.

  • Door lock positions moved away from the handles so that interacting with the handle is easier.

  • Gap in guardrail fixed on terrain 50.

  • Floating pallets on roof of projects building fixed.

  • Clipping pallets on roof of projects building fixed.

  • Floating signs on terrain 43 fixed by moving them back to fence.

  • Fixed clipping desk clutter in house 6 variant 1.

  • Trees near cliffs in Sage Creek are now at the correct height.

  • Fixed clipping display cabinet and shelving in plaster house 9 variant 4.

  • Fixed missing light switches in plaster house 10 variant 5.

  • Improved doors clipping walls in project building (full model rework will be required).

  • Floating roads in multiple locations. Terrains 23, 27 and 51.

  • Fixed terrain clipping through parking lot on terrain 19.

  • Removed grass from building on terrain 35.

  • Fixed broken railing on bridge on terrain 29.

  • Fix for Far LOD never changing to real trees in some instances.

  • Invisible barriers removed on decal_road6.prefab

  • Snapped floating rocks on terrain 44 to the ground.

  • Added metal exterior doors to the back exit of large grocery stores.

  • Fixed meshlink fencing on prison island.

  • Fixed fencing around dock on prison island.


  • R-6804 Jam Audio Updated and is now in sync.

  • a2z typing intro volume reduced.

  • Zombie agony and attack sounds improved to prevent overlapping.


  • (0.3.6) Added terminal window that works from the menu scene so that commands can be input. Terminal can be opened with ` of \ on windows or just \ on mac. All in game commands work (while in game) and new commands have been added like /loglevel /clear

What's to Come (0.5.x) and Beyond!

We're going to try and get on a bi-monthly default update cycle. Right now, most of our updating is done on our experimental branch (whenever we're ready for a push, fix and development wise this can not be scheduled). A lot of people are sticking with the default branch (understandable) but it leads them to believe we're not updating frequently when there are quite a few updates. 3 big patches on experimental and about dozen on our development branch since the last default push. The plan will be to do a default push every other Friday...this is by no means a guarantee but a goal :)

We've burned through a few experimental builds (3) this go around. Thanks much for all the tickets on those! The next couple of patches will focus on some feature improvements. We'll be updating our electrical systems to include a bit more depth.

Visual Improvements - The meters, panels and generators now contain working lights and levers.

​Mechanic Improvements - The fuel systems and interaction has been reworked. You can now interact with the machine directly in the UI along with the usual hold 'e' method.

UI Improvements - Machine UI's now contain small LED lights.

​We'll soon be introducing our temperature system. This will add an additional level of survival needs. You'll need to be sure you're keeping warm on colder days/nights. Structures will provide shelter from temperatures, fire sources will ensure the player keeps from taking any cold damage. After That!

After our electrical rework and temperature system implementation, we'll begin to introduce fortifications along with AI attacking and entering windows. This is going to require a massive amount of backer testing! Fortifications will be our first major additions followed by many more including structure traps, passive AI, hunting, trapping and fishing, vehicles. We'll continue to introduce and tweak features always trying to achieve stability before introducing the next feature.

As always, to the those that have supported us we thank you. Thank you for the current help sorting through issues and fleshing out features. We're very excited to be able to continue working on the project and looking forward to a full fledge solid alpha release later in the year! Come join us on Discord (it's nice and quiet there now with only the hardcore bug hunters and testers chatting).


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