June 13th - Patch Notes 0.11.26

Hello all,

Thanks for checking in on the 0.11.26 update. We've moved the experimental branch to our default and stable Steam branch today. The last few weeks have been very hectic. The team has been wrapping up 0.11.26 and working on 0.12 +. Our interns have finished up their last blocks with us so sadly we're missing Marko, Rik and Ids the team is 5 strong once again. The guys were a massive help to us and we hope the favor was returned in the form of some good experience and knowledge shared :)

As mentioned above Ids finished up with us a couple weeks back so we'll not be doing a devlog for this update although we'll get those rolling again for the next update and all alpha updates when possible. We'll recap below on just some of the progress we've made in the 0.11 build. We'll quickly go over the past few weeks devblogs. If you'd like to help find issues please check against our full changelog, below is only a few of the fixes and features we've worked on.

Player and Zombie Inventory System Players will now drop backpacks, zombies will now drop small item loot, bullets/nails and rags to name a few. This has been requested and needed for some time, the system requires a good deal of testing please report any issues found.

Player dropped backpacks

Lootable zombies

Weapon Attachments Weapon attachments have been a want and staple since the concept videos, we've added the basics and base for attachments in 0.11. You'll find scopes, sights, suppressors (including oil filters) and flashlights. We'll expand on the system as we work through alpha builds and generate new attachment needs and ideas.

Small Game Trapping Crafted animal traps will be functioning shortly. Crafted traps can be placed anywhere in the world. Traps must be baited and will require the player or players to vacate trap areas. You'll not catch much if you're around making noise. We'll expand on traps in the future, adding variants and animations. The video below shows the player baiting and setting a small animal trap. When the player returns to a sprung trap they have the option to harvest animal meats. Currently set up are rats, cats, squirrels, opossums and raccoons.

Continued World Design Jos has been making fantastic progress on world design. Filling in the wilds will be something we focus on right through alpha, there are a lot of design ideas to be fleshed out. For the 0.11 update you'll notice far more starter camps along with the addition of a handful (soon to be more) bunkers.

Bunker Entrance​

Bunker workspace

Additional world design since pre-alpha launch​

Hotfix 0.10.26

  • Cooking fixed.

  • Several small issues with traps fixed

  • Extra scope sensitivity when scoped in.


  • Improved the light emitted by fuze burning down on propane tanks.

  • Small props no longer fall through rugs.

  • Breaking windows frames is now quieter overall.

  • Random light flicker tweaked to make it less likely.

  • Food cooking SFX are now affected by the correct audio slider in the options.

  • Rifles no longer clip the camera when aiming down the sights.

  • Shooting tents no longer produces the wood particle effects.

  • Updated footstep sounds on alternative concrete surfaces.

  • Fixed errors being caused by the fuel cap at fuel stations.

  • Added ARG15 weapon.

  • Fixed issue with harvested items which prevented them from being harvested.

  • Fixed scenario where the player wouldn't always be marked as in game. This was causing multiple small things to break.

  • Harvesting from tents now gives cloth.

  • Searching for items now fixed. Previously it was possible to search an object and find nothing and then be able to search again to immediately find items. Once a search point is depleted it will not give items again for X amount of time.

  • Fixed issue with audio where it wouldn't always be correctly muted when it was meant to be while in the menus.

  • Rivers can now be searched and give water.

  • Added sliding damage when sliding down steep cliffs.

  • Added sliding when standing on steep cliffs.

  • Stopped the player being able to stand on thin fences. Players now slide off.

  • Holding interaction on door handles now opens the door as well as the normal press to open functionality.


  • Increased the chance of receiving berries through all seasons.

  • Cooking cycle adjusted on can variants

  • Cooking cycle adjusted on canteen variants

  • Burned variants for canteen drops, turning them into empty canteens

  • Burned variant for clean water canteen, turning it into an empty canteen

  • Removed cooking script from Pineapple cans

  • Removed sickness chances on mixed fruit

Weapon Attachments

  • Added support for default attachments like iron sights.

  • Rolled out base set of attachments to weapons.

  • Added core functionality for scopes on weapons.

  • Added functionality for flashlights on weapons.

  • Suppressor functionality added.

  • Added core functionality for weapons to have attached objects.

  • Added functionality for pickups to have visual attached objects.

  • Proximity/Radio Voice Chat

  • Proximity chat now working.

  • Radios now work.

  • Radios in backpack now receive transmissions.

Player Loot

  • Dead players can now be looted. Weapons are dropped into the world and the backpack becomes a mobile container.

  • Tree Improvements

  • Pieces cut from trees now appear instantly!

  • Logs cut from trees can no longer be moved using placement mode due to an issue with their pivots that prevents them functioning as expected.

  • Fixed issues with felled trees where the player could bump into the chop sections.

Passive AI

  • Added chance based small game hunting traps that can be placed around the world. When the player leaves the area there's a chance they will catch an animal.

  • Stags now die with a rag doll.