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Jan 2nd - Patch Notes 0.1.0

Hello all,

Just a quick patch here on the default branch. It should sort some of the connection issues a few of you are having. If the issues aren’t solved, we’ve added additional debugs to try and figure out where the connection is getting jammed up. Here’s a list of what the 0.1.0 patch contains -


  • Fixed/improved rubber banding on lag. (Requires a lot of testing)

  • Fixed issue where the player occasionally gets thrown into the air.

  • Re-spawn should work now all the time.

  • Zombie movement speeds adjusted against the player movement changes.

  • Player stamina now regenerates at a faster rate when walking and idling.

  • Player running speed increased slightly.

  • Player walking speed increased slightly.

  • Player camera sway tweaked slight so that it always returns to the center.

  • Zombies now transition from walking to running more smoothly.

  • AI path finding precision has increased.

  • Day zombies are now dumber and will need to be closer to the player before they start chasing. (Day zombies will be changed to make them even dumber during the day.)

  • Night zombies when turning day now have a higher chance of dying instead of finding a building. This stops there being too many zombies in buildings during the day.

  • Altered logic so axes and hatches will take wear from any collision with world. (Crafting recipe for sharpening will be in soon)

  • Fixed axes and hatchets not taking damage correctly when chopping trees.

  • Walking under bridges no longer snaps you up on top of the bridge.

  • Pickups should no longer fall through buildings.

  • Pickups should no longer fall through roads.

  • Ambient environment sounds now transition over time.

  • Medicine now improves sickness.

  • Improved messages in bottom right corner during load to help diagnose connection issues.

  • Container loot will no longer spawn if there are players close.

  • Container loot will no longer de-spawn if there are players close.

  • Extremely long nights during the winter have been reduced in duration.

  • Prevented the coordinates being enabled and disabled to make finding issues from screenshots easier.

  • Inverted mouse option now working!

  • Inverted mouse option now saves last state.

  • Safe log off points should now be fully persistent.

  • Slightly longer join timeout allowance when connecting to servers.

  • Connection interrupted during the loading screen is now fixed.

  • Server now sortable by players online (further improvements to sorting are in the works)

  • Zombies should no longer walk through: Fire station

  • Zombies should no longer walk through: Both police station variants

  • Zombies should no longer walk through: All variants of concrete slabs.

  • Exterior lights now show the correct bulb quantity. Style on Popovs super market.

  • Light switch visual transition from on/off should look nicer and will no longer throw warnings into the log.

  • Hatchet melee attacks are now more consistent.

  • Balanced volume of player panicking sounds.

  • Balanced volume of player out of breath sounds.

  • Added slight fading to stomach grumbling sounds.

  • Added utility commands to help us track down invisible zombies (Contact devs when invisible zombies are found)

  • Fixed scenario where player wouldn't get kicked back to menu if steam authentication failed.

  • Fixed issue where the player get locked in position after teleporting.

  • Container loot spawn has been turned down in order to create a bit more balance. (Changes will be frequent so we can get this about right + physical spawners will be introduced soon)

Tree Changes

  • Added hover UI to trees so that new players can see what items they need to chop down trees.

  • Added highlight to fallen tree piece to match initial 4 chopping points.

  • Added particles when tree impacts floor.

  • Tree highlights now show up immediately on equipping and axe or hatchet when stood near a tree.

  • Tree highlights now disappear when un-equepping axe or hatchet to save confusion.

  • Fixed bad rotation of chopping points on felled tree piece. Pieces now rotate and don't show gaps in stem.

  • Fixed hatchet not working for cutting down trees.

  • Fixed broken visualization when tree hits floor when multiple people are in the vicinity

  • Fixed fallen trees stem piece not spawning in the correct location. Transition from tree to stem should now be smoother.

  • Slightly reduced chance of axe or hatchet breaking when it has low condition.

Known issues (High priority)

  • Other player don't drop loot currently. This will be worked on and implemented once move-able containers are working.

  • No physical loot spawning. We're trying to balance and fix the issues with the container spawning. By design the containers were meant to spawn less weapons/ammo since they were meant to be physical drops. Containers will start spawning ammo and weapons in 0.0.5 until physical spawning is enabled again.

  • Ammo goes out of sync sometimes in weapon.

  • Doors sometimes don't initialize correctly which makes them appear closed when they're actually open on the server. Since they are open on the server, zombies appear to walk through the doors.

  • Zombies are sometimes invisible on some clients.

  • Some containers (Wardrobe and Dresser for sure) are eating loot.

The next couple of weeks you will see more stabilization and core issues getting sorted. Once we feel things are stable enough, we’ll do a nice ‘quality of life’ update. Ensuring sounds, crafting, containers and all the seemingly large although actually minor issues are sorted. This will help to make the game feel like less of a test and more of a game. Once we’re happy with core mechanics, AI and balance we’ll start adding back features. That will begin with fortifications and traps and likely end with Vehicles. That’s the plan as it stands - thanks much for the continued support!


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