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Jan 28th - Patch Notes 0.2.2

Hello all,

We're ready for a patch on default today. We're moving experimental 0.1.2 over to default creating 0.2.2. We're changing our versioning method, you'll find more details below. There are a decent amount of fixes to go over here and please report any issues you might find to the tracker!


  • China cabinet no longer eats loot.

  • Dresser no longer eats loot.

  • Notes in quality settings menu UI updated to reflect changes.

  • Shadow quality now updates when quality settings are changed.

  • Quality settings added for water (marked improvements on low settings.)

  • Improved water shader functionality for AMD video cards.

  • Non loot-able sink cabinet removed from large trash-pile.

  • Water bottle names have been updated for clarity. Example: Water Bottle (Clean) Water Bottle (Dirty) Water Bottle (Empty)

  • Bleach can now be consumed. Has serious life limiting effect!!!

  • Bandages no longer spam the log and should all work.

  • Can now craft dirty water and purification tablets together to get clean water.

  • Server time and month now display in the server list. This will allow new and returning players to find a server that isn't about to turn night.

  • Particle culling spam in log removed.

  • Night zombies now start to die closer to morning.

  • Rocks covering entry ways into tunnels now have collision.

  • Changed the name on the cooked green beans from: Green Beans (Uncooked) to Green Beans (Cooked).

  • Lighter drop no longer shows as a weapon.

  • Canceled crafting no longer plays the crafting complete sound.

  • Added opening of crafting page of inventory when interacting with a workbench.

  • Added hover UI to large workbenches.

  • Contaminated trash junk pile now has collision.

  • Fixed issue where buttons where being pushed off screen in the container window when the item in the containers weight would exceed the allowed weight the player can carry.

  • Fixed instances where JunkPile_large_Outside_variant_4 had clipping issues.

  • No longer fall through stairs in Building_Factory_variant_1

  • Lola and Garry Iron pistol cleaning animation now syncs with sound.

  • Floating weapons on own backpack when crooked and looking up should now be fixed.

  • Fixed items spawning in containers with too many resources. Example: Fuel can would spawn with 35/20 resources where it should have been capped at 20/20.

  • Fixed inventory showing 'Resources remaining: ' as the the quality. Now correctly shows the resources left.

  • Drinking dirty water bottle now plays drinking animation.

  • Servers now show in Steam server browser.

  • Sway and weapon movement tweaked on all weapons to match head bobbing after recent movement speed alterations.

  • Server loot tables changed slightly to add a bit more loot (We're still balancing this and there's no physical spawners still).

  • Server are searchable in the server list view.

  • Server are now sortable via the top tab buttons in the server list view. Can be sorted by favourites, name, region, player count, ping, password and version.

  • Zombies should no longer walk through door panels when the door is open.

  • Zombies no longer try to open doors unless they are actively seeking something.

  • Searching area for items made clearer via the notification system. Search area by holding F

  • Revised day/night lengths to make nights shorter. (This will be balanced in the future once there is more to do during the night.)

  • Revised night spawning zombies start point to make it slightly earlier.

  • Changed calorie tolerances for overall health calculations.

  • Murders committed that day no longer carry which makes changing overall health fairer.

  • Hydration now affects overall health calculations.

  • Player notification system added which cleans up the chat and informs the player a bit better.

  • Added detailed reasons for why overall health is decreasing and hints for how to increase which plays during new day UI (new notification system)

  • Hotkeys now made clearer (new notification system)

  • Player now gets notifications as their weapon condition is lowering (new notification system)

  • Added inspect readout for when you have nothing equipped which shows your players stats (new notification system)

  • Improved inspect readouts for weapons. (new notification system)

  • Added notification and hint when pressing M (map) without a map in the inventory.

  • Fixed issue with water culling which may have been causing a RAM leak.

  • Fixed issue where building interiors would load double resulting in broken doors and other containers.

  • Fixed issue where building interiors wouldn't load at all!

  • Fixed issue where building interiors wouldn't load if you spawned inside of them.

  • Nails and screws will now spawn with quantity.

  • Prevented hotkeys working while in UI.

  • Punching damage increased slightly.

  • Punching precision improvements. Punching should feel more natural now and connecting punches should be more satisfying.

  • Day zombie amounts overhaul. More zombies in buildings and more randomly spread out through world.

  • Improved the layout of large trash piles so that zombies can traverse more easily.

  • Improved player spawn point positions by moving them closer to roads. This should help new players find their way when first entering game. May need further balancing.

  • Fixed item highlights when searching the area for items using F. Highlights are now slightly brighter too.

  • Added loot-able racks in fuel stations and bus shelters where maps can always be found.

  • Added Compass which aids in finding your location on the new map. Doesn't currently function as an actual compass. Only to show position on map.

  • Added Map to game that only works when you have the map pickup in the inventory.

  • Added item pickup: Map.

  • Added item pickup: Compass.

  • Dynamic weather.

  • Coordinates now stay in bottom right corner after resolution change.

  • Fixed large standing fridge which had floating glass door in some instances.

  • Fixed large junk pile that zombie could get stuck in.

  • Glass shop counter now has improved colliders. Items no longer float on top of it where the glass should be.

  • Fixed furthest LOD on plaster house.

  • Fixed scenario where players get in game before load is finished.

  • Door out of place in House_Plaster_10_variant_1 fixed.

  • Audio listeners are never double or none now meaning there's no spam in the log.

  • Fully disabled items no longer spawn in containers.


  • Hatchet handle can now be crafted with A Draw knife, Combat knife and a Kitchen knife.

  • Hammer handle can now be crafted with A Draw knife, Combat knife and a Kitchen knife.

  • Axe handle can now be crafted with A Draw knife, Combat knife and a Kitchen knife.

  • Rags can now be cleaned with both washing liquid/bleach and water.

  • Campfire tripods now need to be made with 3 angle irons. 3 pieces of chain A grill and 2 pieces of wirespool + small workbench.

  • Added Dirty Water variants to all craft able foods (Rehydrated).

  • Added Clean Water variants to all craft able foods (Rehydrated).

  • Added Dirty variants to all craft able foods (Rehydrated and pot of ...).


  • Treated bandages now take 5 seconds to craft.

  • Animal traps now require 24 nails 5 Wire spool to be crafted.

  • To clean a pot you now need water.

  • Pots can now be cleaned with both washing liquid and bleach.

  • All canned food now gives 5 times less hydration as standard.

  • Purification tables now have a max amount of 2 per box.

  • Lighter drop made slightly larger.

  • Medical cabinet no longer spawns consumables, limiting it to medical items.

  • Lowered the spawn chance on file cabinets.

  • Removed consumables from spawning in crates and increased the chance of generators spawning in thse.

  • Removed consumables from spawning in tool chests.

  • Added hand held radios to the cash register.

  • Increased the chance of finding melee weapons in foot lockers.

  • Increased the chance of finding food in fridges.

  • increased the chance of finding food in gas stove.

Known issues (High priority)

  • Zombies will under some circumstance walk through locked doors

  • Zombies will sometimes ignore players

  • Placing two locks on a container or door may require a restart

  • Other player don't drop loot currently. This will be worked on and implemented once move-able containers are working.

  • No physical loot spawning. We're trying to balance and fix the issues with the container spawning. By design the containers were meant to spawn less weapons/ammo since they were meant to be physical drops. Containers will start spawning ammo and weapons in 0.0.5 until physical spawning is enabled again.

  • Ammo goes out of sync sometimes in weapon. Hopefully fixed in 0.1.0. requires a lot of testing.

  • Doors sometimes don't initialize correctly which makes them appear closed when they're actually open on the server. Since they are open on the server, zombies appear to walk through the doors.

  • Zombies are sometimes invisible on some clients.

New Versioning We are changing our versioning methods to make progress a bit more clear and easier to track among other reasons. The next patch will be 0.2.2 instead of 0.2.0. We will no longer be resetting the last ‘experimental’ number in the versions.

The current experimental build is 0.1.2 so 0.2.2 will be the new default. The next experimental build will be 0.2.3 and so on. As an example if the experimental build should be stable at 0.2.6 it will go to default as 0.3.6 instead of (the old method) 0.3.0. The last number will never reset and will track the total number of game builds. What's Next Our next major update will focus on some more stabilization and fixes along with a bit more ‘quality of life’ stuff. We plan on tweaking and polishing up current crafting recipes, consumable nutritional values (we will be posting associated files next week to allow the community to have a crack at balancing the project) along with many other small ‘fun’ fixes. The rest of the plan remains the same, fix what we have, shore things up and slowly add features to meet our alpha trailer and gameplay! As always, thanks much for the continued support and fantastic bug hunting. Releasing at this stage has caused some heartache but in the end you guys have been fantastic at finding and helping to sort issues!. As always you can find us on a now much calmer discord for a chat!


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