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Jan 17th - Patch Notes - Alpha 1.1.4 (Hot Fix)

Hello all,

We’ve released the 1.1.4 patch to our stable branch on Steam. This hotfix covers FOV issues and all reported issues found in the winter update. We'll have a devblog out shortly explaining more about what's to come for alpha v1.2.

You can find our patch notes below. Please report bugs using the in game bug report system.

Patch v1.1.4 (HotFix)

  • Fixed ammo dupe glitch.

  • Fireworks will now spawn around the world.

  • Locations based achievement unlocks like trailer blazer and towns should now be working again.

  • Disabled Holiday content.

  • FOV slider working.

  • Stags should be spawning again.

  • Fire barrels now working for cooking items.


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