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Feb 15th - Patch Notes 0.3.3

Hello all,

We're moving our experimental branch to default today, we've done a bit of testing there and feel it's stable enough. You can check the changes below, they're all located on the changelog. We'll be releasing the next experimental patch 0.3.4 sometime next week! Thanks much for the continued support!


  • [Use] button inventory for the map now closes the inv and opens the map.

  • Fixed issue where some stats couldn't be affected negatively by consumables.

  • rauser rig no longer has disapearing hammer.

  • Server time persistence improved. Now fully fully persistent through build updates and server restarts. Reseting the database will clear the saved server time.

  • Gas stoves no longer spam log about cooking zones and now have colliders so the player cannot walk through it.

  • Notification queue limit changed to 3. This stops it being confusing when multiple notifications are required.


  • Fixed 2 scenarios which were definitely causing zombies to become invisible! We're hopeful that this is all ways but we can't be 100% sure at this time.

  • Improved zombies network usage. Zombies should use about 50% of the bandwidth they were previously using.

  • Zombie movement should now be smoother overall regardless of ping.

  • Fixed issue where day zombies were being incorrectly killed off even once they had found a building. This fix could mean there's a lot more day zombies (balancing required)

  • Fixed scenario where zombies could get stuck on the wrong side of a door and still be trying to attack it.

  • Fixed scenario which was allowing zombies to walk through doors.

  • Zombies now always try to open doors if there a player near by.

  • Zombies should no longer be able to attack players through walls and doors.

  • Fixed scenario where zombies would become unresponsive to certain players.

  • Zombies no longer become glitched and scream repeatedly.

  • Movement trasition between idle and running is now more smooth for zombies.

  • Zombies now face you when screaming after being alerted to your presence.

  • Zombie ragdolls improved. They should now fall more realistically.

Loot Spawning

  • Pub/Bar cupboards now work as storage containers.

  • Barbers shop counter now works a storage container.

  • Tweaked the quality of items spawned in the file and bedside cabinets.

  • Haybales can now be searched for tinder.

  • Interact hold down changed from 8 to 4 seconds on dead trunks harvest points.


  • Lola and Garry ammo capacity now changed to 8. (previously 12 rounds.)

  • Lola and Garry pistol now takes .45 acp ammo. (previously 9mm)

  • Energy drink pickup added.

  • Berries now have pickup mesh. Previously they were large white cubes

  • Fixed the cupcakes 50% to now drop cupcakes 25%.

  • MRE pickup is now consumable.

  • Tea candles pickup should no longer become invisible.

  • Changed all battery pickup weights to 0.25

  • Canned Dog food now shows as food and not drink.

  • Canned cat food is now shows as food and not drink.

  • Canned pineapple is now shows as food and not drink.

  • Beets now have correct naming for different variants.

  • Bleach now correctly setup as a consumable.


  • Crafting recipes for energy drinks added. Red or Green berries + water will give weak energy drink. Red and green berries combined + water produce stronger variant.

  • Cardboard is now correctly consumed when crafting tinder from cardboard.

  • Clean rags can now be crafted into bandages.

  • Can now sharpen axes, hatches and combat knives using the sharpenning stone.


  • Barrels clipping through wall in House_Farm_House_variant_1 at x1228 y -8 z-524 now fixed.

  • Sidewalk clipping through building House_2_variant_1 at x-1080 y54 z984 now fixed.

  • Terrain clipping through building floor in House_9_Variant_4 at x-1112 y54 z1020 now fixed.

  • Grass clipping through some buildings now fixed. Various building in the wild will still have this issue.

  • Removed hanging plank of porch on TwoFI_Brick_WDeck_2.0 which would glitch the player when being walked in to.

  • Improved building variants in Addersfield.

  • Floating junk in subsector x-4_z-10 has been removed.

  • Floating rocks in subsector x7_z4 has been moved to the ground.

  • Floating fence piece in subsector x-2_z-5 has been moved to the platform.

  • Floating house in subsector x12_z-7 has been removed.

  • Floating sign on terrain 61 fixed.

Sounds & Effects

  • Hit particles, decals and impact particles on most items are now correct. Most surfaces will now have their own effect set.

  • Waterfalls are no longer too bright during the night.

  • Added bullet penetration on objects in the world (Doors can now be shot through!)

  • Improved paper impact sounds.

  • Added /Stuck command. Attempts to free the player if they are stuck for whatever reason.

  • FRKS jam animation now syncs with sound.

  • Broken windmill audio removed.


  • Tablist no longer updates 1 player at a time when refreshing.

  • Kitchen cupboards hover UI now in the correct location.

  • BBQ description updated.

  • Quicklink URL's now point to correct links in the tablist.

  • Fixed egnative to negative in the overall health description.

  • Start color of loading circle made less transparent to stop it being invisble when holding E (especially if the interact time is really long).

  • Loading circle now scales with the screensize, works properly on widescreen monitors

  • Loading circle is now perfectly centered.

  • Notifactions added for item consumining from the inventory.

  • Kitchen sink hover UI now positions correctly.

  • Changed fuels station man hole cap to coming soon UI. Fuel extraction currently disabled due to issues.


  • Added /Stuck command which will attempt to free a stuck player. Use /StuckPlayer playerName to unstick other players (perm dependant.)

  • Added perm for stuck command variants.

  • Teleporting to a location no longer snaps you on to the roof or highest surface.

Known issues

  • Some kitchen cabinets are broken in Experimental 0.2.3

  • Player should no longer be able to get stuck in shipping container by jumping on boxes.

  • Fixed capitalisation issue in energy drink name.

  • Fixed the size of the collider on the tea candle pickup.

  • Shooting glass in middle of exterior doors now shows glass particles.

  • Shooting through gaps in glass on exterior doors no longer shows particles.

  • Wood in the the middle of the exterior doors is now penetrable.

  • Terrains now cast shadows.

  • Drinking energy now notifies player of stamina change.

  • Improved inventory item resource checking methods so that it can now aggregate the items with resources.

  • Added craftable lock kit which is crafted using all the individual parts you used to use to fit locks.

Lock Upgrades

  • Locks are now persistent through server restarts.

  • Added notifications for all lock operation from placing to to locking.

  • Fixed scenario where only one lock on each door could be interacted with.

  • Locks no longer spam errors when there are multiple players on the server.

  • Fixed issue that was allowing the inventory to be open while in the lock UI.

  • Added functionality to resetting code locks after they’ve been set.

  • Added button on lock UI which points to the wiki page

  • Changed lock placement objects so that they now take lock kits and not all the individual parts.

  • Lock code input wheels now move smoothly.

  • Materials on lock UI improved so they glow correctly.

  • Fixed straight lock visualisation.

  • Added ability to click the hoop in the lock UI which will snap the lock shut.


  • Added lock kit pickup which is now used instead of all the individual parts when fitting a lock.


  • Fixed the inventory spacing/alignment issues in the tabs after All category.

  • Removed the [-] that wasn’t used on the inventory tabs.

  • Fixed capitalisation on ‘You’re too fatigued to jump’ notification.

  • Added name scaling in the inventory for item names that are really long.

  • Given the name width in the inventory more space.


  • Fixed issue which allowed the mouse sensitivity to get stuck when scoping out/switching weapons

  • R-6804 Jam speed is now slightly faster.


  • Consuming energy drink now plays drinking animation.

  • R-6804 Jam animation no longer clips the scope with his thumb.


  • Fixed chair on prop_wooden_table_fallen.fbx which was angled unrealistically and was defiying gravity.

  • Fixed stretched textures on prop_wooden_table_fallen.fbx.

  • Door lock positions moved away from the handles so that interacting with the handle is easier.

  • Gap in guardrail fixed on terrain 50.

  • Floating pallets on roof of projects building fixed.

  • Clipping pallets on roof of projects building fixed.

  • Floating signs on terrain 43 fixed by moving them back to fence.

  • Fixed clipping desk clutter in house 6 variant 1.

  • Trees near cliffs in Sage Creek are now at the correct height.

  • Fixed clipping display cabinet and shelving in plaster house 9 variant 4.

  • Fixed missing light switches in plaster house 10 variant 5.

  • Improved doors clipping walls in project building. (Full model rework will be required)

  • Floating roads in multiple locations. Terrains 23, 27 and 51.

  • Fixed terrain clipping through parking lot on terrain 19.

  • Removed grass from building on terrain 35.

  • Fixed broken railing on bridge on terrain 29.

  • Fix for Far LOD never changing to real trees in some instances.


  • R-6804 Jam Audio Updated and is now in sync.

  • a2z typing intro volume reduced.

  • Zombie agony and attack sounds improved to prevent overlapping.


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