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Feb 7th - Patch Notes - Alpha 1.2 (Airport | Lock Reworks | Traps ++)

Hello all,

We’ve released the 1.2 patch to our stable branch on Steam. There’s a lot of testing and breaking to do so go at it! Below you can find our patch notes. Please check against the list of changes and report bugs using the in game bug report system. Jay explains more details about the update in the devlog below.

Alpha 1.2 Devlog

This update includes quite a few fixes and improvements along with a new point of interest. Addersfield Airport has been introduced. It's our first large world addition and our biggest yet. We'll be introducing new POI's in coming updates and the police station is the next on the list. It will get a full makeover for the next update.

Addersfield Airport introduced new structures and mechanics including electric fences, electric doors, emergency lighting and an armory. The player will need to power the facility to open the doors to the armory and control tower. The front gate needs to be powered to open, so you'll need to do so to enter with a vehicle. We have a small test of the mechanics in the video below.

Addersfield Airport

Emergency Lighting

Hangers and Terminal

End of Runway Crash

Electric Airport Gate Entrance

Terminal and Radio Tower

Craftable Sawn Off

We've added a craftable sawed off, using a double barrel and hatchet you can create. Obviously the process is not reversible.

New Traps We're introducing a couple of new traps in the 1.2 update. The firecracker trap can be secured to doorway. It will alert you to anyone passing by. The nail bomb trap will do the same and like the firecracker trap, it can be either free-placed or attached to door frames. The nail bomb trap will damage zombies and players spraying an area with shrapnel. We've also introduced an air-horn trap allowing you to hear people approaching from quite some distance out.

Patch Notes - Alpha 1.2 Quality of Life

  • Added hints explaining that respawn is now closer to death location and that death and previously placed lock are now also shown.

  • Compass now shows the direction the player is looking while in the map.

  • Resolved issue where trying to respawn would either result in being stuck at "loading" or kick the player back to menu.

  • Players now spawn within a set radius of where they died. This allows players to more easily navigate back to their lost items. This removes the need to /suicide to get a better spawn.


  • Tweaked suppressor weapon effectiveness to make them more realistic.

  • Consuming canteen milk now gives back the empty canteen.

  • Slowed down the combat knife attack rate.

  • Resolved issue where doors can be stuck in an open position while locked.

  • Locks are now applied at 50% of their max strength or their quality if less than 50% of max strength

  • Updated descriptions on dehydrated milk.

  • Lock kits no longer stack since they maintain their quality.

  • Shooting fortifications while using shotguns no longer results in log spam.

  • Added functionality for building loud speakers.

  • Added functionality for building emergency lighting.

  • It's now possible to choose which lock is placed by pressing [Place] button while looking at a lock location.

  • It's now possible to highlight all available lock locations by pressing [Place] button next to item in the inventory.

  • You now become an owner of a lock when unlocking with the correct pin.

  • Explosion now damage locks and blow doors open. Note that this includes the nail bomb trap.

  • Resolved issue where pressing enter/return would mute the game audio.

  • Lock kits can now be removed while they are unlocked and reset.

  • Created functionality for weaker crafted lock kits.

  • Now have the option to hide the pin code being entered. This allows streamers to use the locks without worrying about their code being visible.

  • Locks can now have multiple owners (Auto locking/unlocking) by snapping a lock shut with the correct pin entered.

  • Locks now only scramble on opening/closing of UI rather than after a lock has been snapped shut from within the UI.

  • Added new weaker craftable lock kit variant.

  • Lock code starting with 0 now work correctly. Previously locks would break after server restart.

  • Locks no longer show in the locked state after trying to lock with 0000.

  • Resolved issue with locks where the highlight would appear again after taking items from a container.

  • Locks can now be operated with keyboard num inputs.


  • Airport added to in-game map.

  • Guide now includes steps for creating a weak lock instead of a finding a full strength one.

  • Loading screen keyboard inputs now includes 6 for tools.

  • Fixed issue where resolutions would be duplicate in the drop down.

  • Locks now have additional UI to help explain lock function.

  • Compasses now take time to show on the map and have a compass animation to show how long it will take.

  • Added time readout in inspect [F] menu.

  • All new lock UI added which is bigger and clearer to understand.

  • Placed locks now show on the map after death so that players can return to their locked containers.

  • Items now display weight in their hover UI which turns red when item cannot be picked up.

  • Ammo boxes now displays ammo remaining in hover UI.

  • Tweaked contrast on hover UI's so that they're easier to read.


  • Baseball bat nails now retains the quality of the baseball bat when crafting

  • Changed all craftable handles to require firewood.

  • Can now craft tinder from firewood using a combat knife.

  • Can now craft screws just like nails.

  • Craft all functionality no longer sometimes gives extra items.

  • Shotgun trap now recognizes the wire spool in the inventory.

  • Added craftable lock kit.

  • Added craftable compass.


  • Added various buildings and trees that were missing from far details.

  • Added poles to the floating street signs in union point.

  • Changed the plaster material on the floor in house_wood_4_v1_pref to carpet.

  • Added garage doors to old town house.

  • Fire barrels should work for cooking.

  • Fence no longer clipping with garage in union point.

  • Lowered the driveway in Oldtown in front of the large garage.

  • Added 2 more manual garages in Addersfield.

  • Removed junk in Addersfield that was blocking the warehouse meter.

  • Fixed clipping ground in houses in SageCreek and the cabin park.

  • Removed submerged campsite north of sage creek near Turtle head bay.

  • Fixed floating log west outside of Sage creek.

  • Removed floating trees in cabin park.

  • Fixed garage doors that had gap between frame and wall.


  • Other players making sounds like trying locked doors and opening closing doors and containers can now be heard.

  • Opening containers/doors can now attract zombies.


  • Improved fox trotting and running animations.

  • All passive AI now reacts to players quicker. Especially from behind and generally try to flee sooner.

  • Passive Ai now favour their location and will return to them after being chased away.


  • Other players now visually animate when harvest, opening doors and picking up items.

  • Improved manual garage door animations.

  • Hanger door animations added.

  • New Proxy animations for interact






Combat Knife


DoubleBarrel ShotGun


FlashLight Windup










Walkie Talkie



  • Added airport signs.

  • Added new hanger door.

  • Added new working electric chainlink fence.

  • Added loud speaker props.

  • Added emergency lighting assets.

  • Added new airport fence props.

  • Added new airport runway.

  • Various new airport drops.

  • Added 2 new manual garage door frames to replace old.


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