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Dec 5th - Patch Notes Alpha 1.0.1

Hello all,

We’ve released the 1.0.1 patch to our stable branch on Steam. We'll be posting be a devlog tomorrow with more information on all the new changes in this patch.

A lot of network backbone has changed. There could be odd and funky issues with persistence between players. If you experience any of this please report it.

You can find our patch notes below. There’s a lot of testing and breaking to do so go at it! Please do your best to check against the list of changes and report bugs using the in game bug report system.

Thanks for playing, submitting bug reports, providing feedback & supporting the game in alpha. If you're enjoying the game, please consider writing a review or updating your current one. Thank you! :)

Patch 1.0.1

Weapons •Added new double barrel shotgun.

General •Implemented a bunch more achievements. •Stopped/improved items falling through the world. •Resolved issue where connection would be lost when trying to respawn. •Fix for players getting stuck on servers. •Other players firing weapons now have correct bullet ejection. •Fridge now spawn loot instead of being player storage. •Potential fix for scenario where players were losing items from the inventory after login back in. •Fixed hatchet damage range issue. •Fix for fires continuously burning. •Fixed scenario which could allow for placed items to still decay.

Game Entry •Improved overall connection to game pipeline which should help game entry for people getting stuck at connection initiated. •Moved the asset pre loading into the game startup rather than server entry. This could reduce entry into game times by up to 50% 

Server Performance •Fixed extensive server lag spikes on player join/leave. This could result it small hiccups or network delay when interacting with the environment. •Resolved server performance issues that were being caused by IOWait and general disk usage under heavy load from players.

AI •Reduced zombie attack ranges. This will need further work in the future due to interpolation issues stopping it being improved further at this time.

UI •Continued the the guide beyond the initial 12 steps in the quick guide. This should help new and existing players learn more about features in the game. •Fixed the issue where Interaction cancelled would spam the small notifications when inspecting. •Resolved issue which would cause the inventory to break when changing the key bind for sprint. •Weapon breaking hint now fits in UI. •Fixed sleeping bag guide point grammar. 

Environment •Fixed collision issue getting down stairs that are next to window in old house. •Added an extra harvest locations around guide areas which should help new players find the items they need. •Fixed floating bushes north of Sage Creek. •Fixed floating houses near north east of Sage Creek on the coast. 

Quality of Life •Reviewed all item pickups and lowered weight on key items that were causing inventory bloat. •Fixed issue where a slowish press would register as a hold and enter placement mode. •Stopped melee hitting light switches, fridges and door panels and this could cause hits to enemies to not count. •Added functionality for eating items directly without adding to the inventory by holding interact key. Note that uncooked cans still enter placement mode with hold so that they can easily be placed over fire. •Various new and improved hints for actions we have seen people getting stuck on in videos and streams •Added inventory sorting systems so that items can be sorted by weight, category, alphabetical or none which allows for player managed loot order. •Doubled the storage capacity in all containers. •Improved expert player spawn locations that you get after completing the guide. •Drinking from canteen animation length shortened to make action faster.

Sound •All suppressed gun fire sounds are now working. •Fixed issue which was stopping other players and AI footsteps working correctly.

Known Major Issues •Some players are experiencing getting stuck at connection initiated. This issue is known and in most cases not caused by connection issues and is related to incorrect loading. This is usually accompanied by a black menu scene after skipping the alpha disclaimer message. For many players reloading the game fixes the issue. Once the scene in the background of the menu scene loads everything should be fine. This is on the top of our priority list. •In some cases there appears to be a broken skinny bald zombie with a blue shirt with the number 33 on it. The issue manifests itself in the form of either an invisible zombie that appears to attack you but is actually stuck running in place on your client. Alternatively it the zombie appears to just remain stood animated at the position of death.


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