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Dec 27th - Patch Notes 0.0.5

Hello all,

0.0.5 patch, if you're online you'll need to disconnect close and open Steam.

Some of the fixes that should be in here

  • Lobby connection logic improved so that players don't keep getting kicked. (Requires lots of testing)

  • Container loot situation improved. Loot will be more common and weapons and ammo will spawn more.

  • Container loot stagnation will be reduced by improved looping and clear up of old stuff.

  • Escaping from main menu now closes inner menus and removes their focus. Fixes scenarios where menu items can be interacted with while no longer in the menu.

  • Fix for being able to glitch through walls by spamming the crouch button.

  • Fix for teleporting under the terrain when the server is lagging.

  • Various server and client optimizations.

  • Sensitivty slider now instantly updates the sensitivity. Before this fix you had to press escape twice to update it.

  • Stones removed from campfire crafting recipe. There will be an updated way of gathering stones in a future patch.

  • Firewood craft times reduced for balancing.

  • Fixed oversized flashlight drop.

Known issues (High priority)

  • No physical loot spawning. We're trying to balance and fix the issues with the container spawning. By design the containers were meant to spawn less weapons/ammo since they were meant to be physical drops. Containers will start spawning ammo and weapons in 0.0.5 until physical spawning is enabled again.

  • Ammo goes out of sync sometimes in weapon.

  • Lobby is experiencing technical issues, it will be going on and offline which means you sometimes can't join a server or you might get kicked.

  • Doors sometimes don't initialize correctly which makes them appear closed when they're actually open on the server. Since they are open on the server, zombies appear to walk through the doors.

  • Zombies are sometimes invisible on some clients.

  • Low amounts of loot.

The sync/loot issue might be fixed, it might not. We need a LOT of testing there when possible. We'll start working on 0.0.6 and you should see that around the weekend 📷 Thanks much for the continued support and amazing bug hunting!

This game is under heavy development. We'll take steps forward and try to avoid taking steps backwards with patches. Patches will not always be so large and we'll do our best to keep them as small as possible.


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