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Dec 22nd - Patch Notes - Alpha 1.1.3 (Winter Event | Vehicle Storage | Foxes | FOV ++)

Hello all,

We’ve released the 1.1.3 patch to our stable branch on Steam. You can find our patch notes below. There’s a lot of testing and breaking to do so go at it! Please do your best to check against the list of changes and report bugs using the in game bug report system. Jay explains more about the update in the devlog below.

This update includes a special winter event for the holidays. To participate in this special event, please head to any main town in the game and search for the giant Christmas tree. There you will find a sign outlining the rules on how to receive gifts under the tree. You'll need to power the tree and survive 3 rounds of zombie waves.

We have done our best to prevent server wipes and have not had a single wipe since alpha release. Unfortunately, it was necessary to condense servers and we couldn't pick and choose which ones to keep. You'll now see in the server list 6 US servers, 6 EU servers and 3 AUS servers.

Thanks for playing, submitting bug reports, providing feedback & supporting the game in alpha. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the team at a2z Interactive :)

Patch Notes - Alpha 1.1.3


  • Zombies are now drawn to additional sounds and light. Generators, fires, fortification damage and more all now agro zombies.

  • Added usable fireworks for new years. These can be used for signaling location or just making awesome displays!

  • Added fox passive AI that can be found in urban areas.

  • Vehicle storage added.

  • Added [Create All] button in the crafting menu.

  • Single ammo can now be loaded or unloaded in to all guns via the inventory.

  • Added field of view (FOV) slider in the settings.

  • Smaller roller shutter door now works.

Quality of Life

  • Fire barrels now have mesh over them so that cooking is possible.

  • It's now possible to clean rags in a canteen with water by boiling it on a cooking surface.

  • Hearth fireplace now includes a small area to cook on.

  • It's now possible to reload while sprinting.

  • Hydration system change to only count against overall health recalculation if it's actually at 0 when the morning calculations are done. Previously if hydration had been at 0 in the given day it would still negatively affect the overall health calculation

  • Sorting inventory by weight now puts the heaviest items to the top.

  • It is now possible to open doors while zombies are hitting the door.

  • Continued fire damage duration reduced to 1 second. Previously 3.

  • Players can now get closer to fires before receiving damage from them.

General Fixes

  • Fixed issue where ammo in guns could go out of sync. This resulted in ammo that couldn't be fired.

  • Fixed issue where dead players would always drop full ammo in boxes and weapons.

  • Plastic bottles now burn when put over open fire. 

  • Adding and removing battery from headlamp now works correctly.

  • Melee now does varied damage to window frames dependent on what weapon is being used.

  • Added working single and double manual garage doors.


  • Resolved issue where some crafted items weighed more than the items used to create them. This could cause items to be lost when crafting with a full inventory.

  • Powdered milk now has a canteen recipe.

  • Disabled the air horn tripwire craftable. Implementation isn't fully complete.

  • Added firewood craftable out of the plank and the worn plank.


  • Improved guide hints so that it's clearer that the guide continues after the quick guide.

  • Removed link to old issue tracker from the tab list and replaced with steam community link.


  • Reduced scale of fixed campfires at starter camps. This should make them easier to get close to and use for cooking.

  • Updated some cooked cans that didn't have the lids popped off after being cooked.


  • Zombies now break through window frames faster. 

  • Zombies no longer start moving to a different entry point while a door is opening.


  • Couches now give clean rags.

  • Pallets now return worn planks and nails.

  • AI navigation in strip mall next to police station in Addersfield should now be working correctly.

  • Broken down cabins now fire wood.

  • Water dispensers now give clean water.

  • Removed double harvest locations on tents.

  • Power station sealed off to save players wasting time looting while it's not finished.

  • Metal shed interior now loads from further away.

  • Removed the metal doors leading to the exterior in the power station building.

  • Blocked off all lower floor entries to the under construction apartment blocks and the power station.

  • Tweaked the hospital building so that the garage doors have space to work correctly.

  • Changed the bathroom door in the farm house to an interior door and filled gap in wall.

  • Added garages to various houses around the world so that players can now store their vehicles.

  • Raised the lights in the gas station so that RV's can fit.

  • Gas station trash in second garage bay cleared so that both are usable.

  • Gas station floor materials improved.

  • Fixed floating road sign in union point.

  • Removed rocks inside Addersfield house.

  • Moved strip mall from subsector to largesector in Addersfield so that their loading range reflects other buildings.

  • Removed the tree inside the cliff outside of Sage Creek.

  • Fixed hole north of old town where players could get stuck.

  • Removed floating rocks above Black Rock


  • Reviewed and made faster all consuming and interaction animations to make gameplay feel more fluid.

  • Improved the aiming position of the double barrel shotgun.

  • Added new manual garage door animations.

  • Fixed rare issue which would lead to a door snapping to the open position when trying to open it.

Major Known issues

  • Fire barrels currently don't work for cooking items. They do appear to be cooking but will never transition.

  • Other players and ai footstep SFX not working.


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