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1.7 Preview (Terrain Work | Holiday Content++)

December 18

The team has released the 1.6 patch on our default servers. Thank you all very much for the continued support and issue reporting. We'll continue working on 1.7 while sorting the issues you find in 1.6.

Graphical Overhaul

The graphical overhaul will consist of many components one of them being the global terrain. Our current terrain system, while not awful, hasn't really had much work done to it since we started here. Andre has started work on higher quality terrain textures and better blending between them. We've increased the height map quality to reduce spikiness and allow for more precise terrain height painting. We've also upgraded terrain vegetation textures and shaders allowing for reflections and normal maps. We'll share more about that in coming devblogs. Below are a few shots showcasing old terrain textures, mountain sides, paths and road connections.

Old terrain

New terrain updated map and blending

New mountainside

New mountainside wet

Old path and mountainside

New path and mountainside​

Holiday Content

'Tis the season! We'll be adding some Christmas content to the game. Some of you might remember last year's holiday event and it will return for 2020. You can find a large Christmas tree in each town, power it up, fight the waves and you'll be rewarded with some presents. In addition, this year we've added a small tree to each house on the island :) We should have holiday update out shortly.

Trees in houses

Town tree​

Weeklong Deal Sale Reminder - 30% Off

Survive the Nights is now 30% off for the entire week, now through December 21st. If you have any questions before purchasing, please join our discord and speak with the developers or players within our friendly community.


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