Aug 20th - Patch Notes 0.11.31

Hello all,

We’re moving our experimental branch to default today. 0.11.26 will become 0.11.31. There have been a good deal of changes in between 0.11.26 and 0.11.31. A lot of work (still more to do of course) has gone into optimizations. Vehicles have been added (a compact hatch), town reworks, lock mechanics, calorie adjustments and fires now provide health buffs and many other additions and tweaks. Below you'll find a few video clips from past devblogs of just some of the work that has gone into the project since .26 along with all of the changes listed. If you're into helping us crush bugs, please report them on our public tracker. []

Some Highlights from Recent Devblogs

Vehicle Mechanics

Vehicle Condition

Vehicle Mechanics and Explosions

Weapon Attachments

Improved Lock Mechanics

Key Bindings

Optimization Improvements (left to right) Low Settings

Optimization Improvements (left to right) Ultra Settings

Changes since 0.11.26


  • Vehicles now receive use effects.

  • Now possible to damage vehicles with melee and ranged weapons.

  • Now possible to damage players that are in vehicles.

  • Added base set of balances to Cricket. Gears, speed and suspension have all been tweaked.

  • Stopped player interaction with world items that are outside of the vehicle and hidden their UI.

  • Added temporary system that allows players to repair their vehicle via the engine GUI with tools and metal.

  • Zombies can now damage vehicles while attacking players inside them.

  • It's now possible to kill passive AI with vehicle.

  • House interiors now load while in a vehicle.

  • Vehicles now have impact effects when colliding with the environment.

  • Added functionality for vehicles to spawn with different colours.

  • Added base set of vehicle spawners around world.

  • Stopped dropping/placement on vehicles until a better system can be implemented for handling items resting on moving vehicles.

  • Added visible vehicle damage.

  • Vehicle horns now work!

  • Added functionality for enabling and disabling the headlamps.

  • Implemented engine functionality with various parts and fuel support.

  • Player backpacks are now disabled while they're in a vehicle seat.

  • Added audio effects when driving over terrains.

  • Resolved issue where vehicles being driven would snap to a different rotation when another player joined.

  • Improved vehicle relevancy so that they can be seen from further away when occupied.

  • Fixed scenarios where a player wouldn't be visible for other players while in a vehicle.

  • Added new VFX particles for vehicles.

  • Added system for playing sounds based on shock absorber compression.

  • Resolved collision issue between the vehicle and player when exiting seat.

  • Players now receive damage when exiting a moving vehicle.

  • Pressing interact key to enter/exit vehicle now only works when the vehicle is stopped.

  • Hold interact is required while moving to reduce the chance of accidentally exiting.

  • Removed over bright reflection in rear view mirror on cricket.

  • Added support for for different engine sounds from outside/inside of a vehicle.

  • Added system for playing impact sounds for vehicles.

  • Improved exhaust particles on cricket.

  • Now have surface support which makes them less effective in shallow water/off road.

  • Vehicles should be most stable when stepping out of them while they're parked on certain surfaces. Previously they'd pop up and roll.

  • Vehicle effects like engine sounds and lights now update correctly when the vehicle is updated while there are no players inside.

  • Vehicles can now be started by pressing 'W'

  • Vehicle explosions now kill or damage the player.

  • Engine fires now produce sound.

  • Engine fires now start small and grow in size before explosion.

  • Vehicles engine smoke now stops when repairing past 60% condition.

  • Vehicle controls no longer show in the menu when entering game very quickly.

  • Vehicles should no longer despawn after server restarts.

  • Added vehicle explosions to the asset reload.

  • Vehicles should no longer despawn! Cannot be 100% sure that there won't still be issues with cars going missing.

  • Increased chance of finding less vibrant coloured vehicles.

  • Vehicles now start smoking as they take damage. Smoke increases as vehicle conditions becomes lower and explode once fully broken.


  • Ocean water source now infinite.

  • Fixed issue where items in placement mode would break if moved too far from where they got picked up from.

  • Eyes no longer glow on female zombie.

  • Tweaked shotgun spread to make it more realistic.

  • Resolved issue where shotguns would sometimes miss the target even though the crosshair was over them.

  • 12g ammo and arg15's now spawn!

  • Players are no longer pulled out of vehicles when driving over a bear trap. Trap does however still trigger.

  • Fixed issue where hotkeys would break after attaching an items to a weapon that wasn't you're currently equipped item.

  • Fixed position of wooden club in hand for other players.