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Pre-Alpha Devblog #39 (Experimental Build Patch 0.11.38 | Server Stress Tests)

Hello all,

Thanks for checking out our 39th devblog! We’ve released the 0.11.38 patch to our experimental branch on Steam. We've combined our servers for this patch to just a few in order to due a bit of stress testing before alpha launch. Thanks very much to all the testers finding current issues. There’s a lot of testing and breaking to do so go at it! Below you can find our patch notes. Please do your best to check against the list of changes and report bugs to our tracker.

We will only be doing experimental updates as we approach our public alpha release, v1.0. Thanks much for the continued support! We couldn’t do it without the continued dedication of backers willing to help test for issues and suggest fixes and improvements. If you're enjoying the game, please write a review or update your current one. Thank you! :)

Patch 0.11.38

  • Fixed issue which could cause the movement to feel jittery when moving the character and the camera at the same time.

  • Removed floating rock near spawn on terrain 51.

  • Melee no longer hits exterior lights.

  • Trash piles now give rancid meat.

  • Tweaks the shell ejection point for the pump action shotgun.

  • Fixed the shell ejection position on shotguns for other players.

  • Tweaked the sparks from muzzle flashes on the pistols for other players.

  • Fixed muzzle flash position issue for other players weapons.

  • Fixed the position of the flashlights on the R-6804 for other players.

  • Improvements to Rauser and Lola pistol cleaning animations.

  • Axe and machete now take more damage when being used against fortifications and enemies.

  • Balanced melee weapon damages.

  • Improved baseball bat attack animations.

  • RV now takes long oil filter instead of short.

  • Review of all ranged weapons to balance their damage values.

  • Chickens now are set to the correct audio mixer.

  • Explosions now are set to the correct audio mixer.

  • Fixed particle warning missing mesh warning in the particle preload scene.

  • Fixed performance issue caused by vehicle smoke particles.

  • Improved performance at sun rise and set by limiting the max length of shadows.

  • Improved arg muzzle flash and increased kickback on the ARG15.

  • Updated arg fire sound on the ARG15.

  • Added bullet gas to the suppressed variants on the ARG15.

  • Improved the fire shot animation on Lola hand gun.

  • AI no longer enters water.

  • Fixed issue which could cause no cheat to be triggered incorrectly when hitting ai with melee.


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