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Pre-Alpha Devblog #36 (Experimental Build Patch 0.11.35)

Hello all,

Thanks for checking out our 36th devblog! We’ve released the 0.11.35 patch to our experimental branch on Steam. Thanks very much to all the testers finding current issues. There’s a lot of testing and breaking to do so go at it! Below you can find our patch notes. Please do your best to check against the list of changes and report bugs to our tracker.

Patch 0.11.35

  • Added working RV vehicle.

  • Vehicles no longer sink in to the ground a fuel stations.

  • Vehicles can now catch fire and blow up even if they weren't already running.

  • Fixed errors being caused by shooting red bricks.

  • Vehicles now take less damage when impacting objects (Including zombies).

  • Improved zombie vehicle collision calculations so that there's less chance their rag dolls get caught on vehicle.

  • Zombies now get cleaned up faster when killed by a vehicle.

  • Improved performance by reducing zombie movement calculations in the distance and stopping their animations.

  • Improved performance by creating LOD's for vehicles.

  • Removed some physics calculations for Zombies that were not needed. This should improve performance when near lots of zombies.

  • Fires no longer warm players through walls.

  • Hand warming animation only plays when a fire is in the player vision. (Health re-gen still works without line of sight)

  • Moving away from fire no longer incorrectly notifies of interaction canceled.

  • Tweaked loot balance. Reduced the amount of guns slightly. Increase the chances of finding custom location based loot. Warehouses now also have (Electrical/car parts) loot.

  • Fixed issue which could on rare occasion cause zombies to become invincible.

  • Player no longer receive damage when switching seats while vehicle is moving.

  • Passengers no longer receive damage when driver exits vehicle when moving.

  • Fixed issue where vehicles could slowly roll away from their server instances which would mean players could no longer enter.

  • Tweaks to zombie loading distances to improve overall performance.

  • Searching area using F is now quicker.

  • Hold interact functionality made quicker for all interactions.

  • Added functionality for adding strength to existing lock using an equipped screw driver and screws.

  • Fixed floating lamp post in terrain 27.

  • Resolved issue where engine audio/visual wouldn't update after getting out of a vehicle.

  • Fixed terrain clipping with road in scene 28.

  • Warehouses now have improved design and location specific loot.

  • New inputs helper UI added during loading screens.

  • New loading screen images added in preparation for early access.

  • New menu scene added in preparation for early access.

  • Overall loot balance. Less ammo and food. Increased loot in special loot locations like shops and increased likelihood that it's relevant to the location being looted.

  • Screw driver weapon added.

  • Fixed structures that were not working with new functionality introduced in 0.11.32 for preventing zombie spawns in structures that are fully fortified.

Thanks much for the continued support. We’ll keep smoothing out this .11 build and get it into proper shape for a solid alpha build. We couldn’t do it without the continued dedication of backers willing to help test for issues and suggest fixes and improvements.


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