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Pre-Alpha Devblog #32 (Experimental Build Patch 0.11.31)

Hello all,

Thanks for checking out our 32nd devblog! We’ve released the 0.11.31 patch to our experimental branch on Steam. Thanks very much to all the testers finding current issues. There’s a lot of testing and breaking to do so go at it! Below you can find our patch notes. Please do your best to check against the list of changes and report bugs to our tracker.


  • Resolved issue which caused containers to break over time. Previously broken containers should now work without item loss.

  • Resolved issue with containers which could cause the server to crash when pressing the 'take all' button.

  • [All] button now only goes grey in the inventory when you can actually take all the items. Button also works for a stack of only 1.

  • Container capacity UI now says 'Slots used' to make it clearer how they work.

  • Container quantity UI no longer gets clipped.

  • Resolved issue which would sometimes leave plays on the server after they'd disconnected.

  • Campfire drops no longer spam warning referencing particle systems on the server.

  • Large workbenches now work.

  • Trailblazer achievement now gets triggered at appropriate time.

  • No longer possible to log out while there are zombies nearby.

  • Locks now remember the player that set the code. This allows them to always retrieve saved pin via notifications.

  • Player that set a lock can now always auto lock and unlock their locks regardless of code.

  • Lock combinations now scramble when the lock is snapped shut.

  • Scrambled lock combinations are now persistent between players.

  • Improved notifications and hints surrounding lock functionality.

  • Added overall improvements to lock consistency. Previously there were issues when restarting the server.

  • Resolved errors being causes by players interacting with locks and trees far away from your player.

  • Vehicles should be most stable when stepping out of them while they're parked on certain surfaces. Previously they'd pop up and roll.

  • Removing weapon attachments while the inventory is full no longer destroys the attachment.

  • Tweaked various weight related UI in the inventory so that it always displays correctly.

  • Tweaked inventory weight calculations to make the whole system more stable.

  • Trying to pickup ammo while inv is full no longer says the item was picked up.

  • Added 5 new player starting points.

  • Zombies should no longer disappear when traversing/going through doors. This requires more community testing as it was hard to produce internally.

  • Zombie behavior transition between night and day should now be more consistent. Night zombies also transition behavior to day just before the new day UI.

  • Raised ceiling in house_10 building so that zombies can get up stairs.

  • Added security glass windows to house_10.

  • Increased size of global hint reset button in settings and added a warning message explaining what it does.

  • Improved scenarios where melee attacks wouldn't make contact while stood very close to AI.

  • Resolved issue which was causing PvP bullet hit detection to be unreliable.

  • Passive AI now fully ignores the player while they are in godmode.

  • Passive AI should no longer visually die around the player on entry into night time.

  • Small alterations to zombie agro, hearing and vision mechanics to improve their behavior.

  • Server no longer spams warnings that items cannot be spawned in barber shops.

  • Players now receive various hints on death which should help them with basic gameplay like crafting bandages and wooden clubs.

  • Dead zombies no longer appear frozen and animated in place when joining a server between their death and cleanup.

  • Drops should no longer drop through rugs.

  • Generators can now be placed in containers when they have no parts or fuel.

  • Vehicle effects like engine sounds and lights now update correctly when the vehicle is updated while there are no players inside.

  • Electricity meters and breakers panels now play animations again when being interacted with.

  • Fixed additional issue which was causing pump action and arg15 to spawn in houses.

  • Fixed issue which caused maps searching to be global between players. This stopped individual players finding maps.

  • Rag variants now stack in the inventory.

  • Disabled oil pump pickup since it currently serves no use.

  • Fixed sidewalk height on entry into old town.

  • Chickens now have a small chance of playing a rare idle sound.

  • Dirty and clean rags now give a hint when picked up for the first time. Indicates that bandages can be crafted.

  • Trash piles around the environment can now be harvested for various objects.

  • Large bushes can now be searched for berries.

  • Small swimming pools can now be searched for dirty water.

  • Wooden table can now be searched for worn planks.

  • Increased overall chance of harvesting berries in summer and spring.

  • Mail boxes can now be searched for tinder.

  • Fuel can now be pumped from gravity fuel tanks.

  • Lounge chairs can be searched for planks.

Thanks much for the continued support. We’ll keep smoothing out this .11 build and get it into proper shape for a solid alpha build. We couldn’t do it without the continued dedication of backers willing to help test for issues and suggest fixes and improvements.


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