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Pre-Alpha Devblog #31 (New Lock Mechanics | Road Signs)

Hello all,

Thanks for checking out our 31st devblog! We're still patching up the .31 builds. After some early week team testing, issues were found that needed to be resolved. We're currently waiting on new server and client builds and if all is well we should have the .31 update out next week. As you can see from the changelog, a lot of progress is already being made on 0.32!

If you're currently on the live 0.30 experimental branch, please report any issues found to our tracker. We'll be bringing our default branch up to date with the next patch so all builds should be on the same branch.

This is just a quick devblog to let you know that there will be not patch today while issues are being ironed out and to showcase a few new changes that are in the upcoming patch. Please remember, these are only a few changes and there will be plenty more to test!

New Lock Mechanics

Locks have functioned for some time in the project. They have been reliable for the most part but recently we've run into some annoying issues. With that in mind, James has spent some of his time in the last week reinforcing the mechanics backbone along with shoring the mechanic up as we have reworked it a bit. Players are now able to automatically unlock their locks by simply holding the interact key. The video below showcases the new mechanic and how you can expect it to work in the coming updates.

Town Road Signs

Getting around the island can at times be very stressing. Road signs are few and far between and now inform the player as to how far away towns are. Jos has spent some of his time this week measuring and plotting out our road system for proper sign placement. In the coming builds, you'll notice proper direction toward towns along with distances to towns. This will make it far easier to traverse the island.

Road and sign placement being mapped out

Town signs

Town signs in the world

Thanks much for the continued support. We'll keep working on the .31 patch and get it out to you as soon as possible! Thank you for all the bug reports. We couldn't do it without the continued dedication of backers willing to help test for issues and suggest fixes and improvements.

Please remember, if you're currently helping us find bugs, report all issues to the public bug tracker.You can track all of our progress on our changelog. Thanks again!


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