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Pre-Alpha Devblog #29 (Experimental Build Patch 0.11.29)

Hello all,

Thanks for checking out our 29th devblog! We’ve released the 0.11.29 patch to our experimental branch on Steam. Thanks very much to all the testers finding current issues. There’s a lot of testing and breaking to do so go at it! Below you can find our patch notes.

The next couple of patches will be strictly on the experimental branch. The next default update will be our public alpha launch. Please do your best to check against the list of changes below and report bugs to our tracker.


  • Resolved issue causing a crash during the loading of the water and ocean.

  • Resolved errors on the client being produced when windows were smashed in areas that weren't loaded for your client.

  • Vehicles can now be started by pressing 'W'

  • Vehicle explosions now kill or damage the player.

  • Engine fires now produce sound.

  • Engine fires now start small and grow in size before explosion.

  • Vehicles engine smoke now stops when repairing past 60% condition.

  • Fuel station electric doors now use effects audio slider.

  • Fuel station electric doors now work again.

  • Tweaked punching reach to improve hit chance (Further improvement still needed.)

  • Spark plugs no longer break when taking them from a vehicle.

  • Voip - Microphone UI now shows when pressing to talk. Speaker UI shows when receiving proximity chat.

  • Fixed texture tiling on fuel station building.

  • Harvesting from stag no longer wrongly claims "Interaction canceled"

  • Soup and rice variant food now play animation when consuming.

  • Drinking from canteen now plays an animation.

  • Standard item decay increased to 1 day.

  • Generator should no longer decay!

  • Vehicles should no longer despawn after server restarts.

  • Added vehicle explosions to the asset reload.

  • Removed several errors being caused by the asset preload menu stage.

  • Fixed issue where zombies would glitch and stop moving correctly when the player was close to a a wall.

  • Hay bales should now return items correctly.

  • It's now possible to purify water in a canteen via crafting.

  • It's now possible to move water between canteen and bottles via crafting.

  • Water bottle and canteen consumables now provide the same stats.

  • Zombies can now enter shipping containers.

  • Radio now has inspect animation.

  • Resolved issue where zombies wouldn't return items because they'd been deleted on the server.

  • Stags and chickens now remain in the world for longer after being killed. This gives players longer to harvest items.

  • 'Silencer' label in the inventory now says 'Suppressor'

  • Searching dead animals no longer turns off the option when searching while you have no combat knife.

  • Reduced the range in which zombies are drawn to light.

  • Interaction with dumpsters improved.

  • Removed bush from house on terrain 44.

  • Stopped hover UI disappearing when looking directly at the interaction icon.

  • Vehicle controls no longer show in the menu when entering game very quickly.

  • Aggressive and passive AI no longer continue to roll after become rag doll.

  • Resolved issue where standard planks didn't work on some building windows.

  • Zombies no longer play the attack animation while climbing through a window while in range of a player that can be damaged.

  • Hand warming can now be canceled when aiming or firing.

  • Hand warming over fire animation now plays quicker when first walking up to a fire and now has longer breaks between thereafter.

  • Stopped the aim accuracy buff being applied for the the weapon is fully aimed in.

  • Increased chance of finding less vibrant coloured vehicles.

  • Removed error being caused by vehicles loading in.

Thanks much for the continued support. We'll keep smoothing out this .11 build and get it into proper shape for a solid alpha build. We couldn't do it without the continued dedication of backers willing to help test for issues and suggest fixes and improvements.


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