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Pre-Alpha Devblog #23 (Experimental Build 0.10.25)

Hello all,

Thanks for checking out our 23rd devblog! We’ve released the initial 0.10.25 build to our experimental branch on Steam. Feel free to check that out, we need some feedback. There’s a lot of testing and breaking to do so go at it! Below you can find our patch notes.

We’ll be updating to default once experimental is tested and stable. Please do your best to check against the list of changes below and report bugs to our tracker.


  • Improved the light emitted by fuze burning down on propane tanks.

  • Small props no longer fall through rugs.

  • Breaking windows frames is now quieter overall.

  • Random light flicker tweaked to make it less likely.

  • Food cooking SFX are now affected by the correct audio slider in the options.

  • Rifles no longer clip the camera when aiming down the sights.

  • Shooting tents no longer produces the wood particle effects.

  • Updated footstep sounds on alternative concrete surfaces.

  • Fixed errors being caused by the fuel cap at fuel stations.

  • Added ARG15 weapon.

  • Fixed issue with harvested items which prevented them from being harvested.

  • Fixed scenario where the player wouldn't always be marked as in game. This was causing multiple small things to break.

  • Harvesting from tents now gives cloth.

  • Searching for items now fixed. Previously it was possible to search an object and find nothing and then be able to search again to immediately find items. Once a search point is depleted it will not give items again for X amount of time.

  • Fixed issue with audio where it wouldn't always be correctly muted when it was meant to be while in the menus.

  • Rivers can now be searched and give water.

  • Added sliding damage when sliding down steep cliffs.

  • Added sliding when standing on steep cliffs.

  • Stopped the player being able to stand on thin fences. Players now slide off.

  • Holding interaction on door handles now opens the door as well as the normal press to open functionality.


  • Increased the chance of receiving berries through all seasons.

  • Cooking cycle adjusted on can variants

  • Cooking cycle adjusted on canteen variants

  • Burned variants for canteen drops, turning them into empty canteens

  • Burned variant for clean water canteen, turning it into an empty canteen

  • Removed cooking script from Pineapple cans

  • Removed sickness chances on mixed fruit

  • Axe and hatchet now do more damage to trees.

  • Axe and hatchet now receive less damage when being used on trees.

  • Added new culling system to specific objects like window inner frames and electricity circuits.

  • Removed shadows being cast by various objects that didn't require them.

  • Reduced view distance of various small props.

Weapon Attachments

  • Added support for default attachments like iron sights.

  • Rolled out base set of attachments to weapons.

  • Added core functionality for scopes on weapons.

  • Added functionality for flashlights on weapons.

  • Suppressor functionality added.

  • Added core functionality for weapons to have attached objects.

Proximity/Radio Voice Chat

  • Proximity chat now working.

  • Radios now work.

  • Radios in backpack now receive transmissions.

Player Loot

  • Dead players can now be looted. Weapons are dropped into the world and the backpack becomes a mobile container.

Tree Improvements

  • Pieces cut from trees now appear instantly!

  • Logs cut from trees can no longer be moved using placement mode due to an issue with their pivots that prevents them functioning as expected.

  • Fixed issues with felled trees where the player could bump into the chop sections.

Passive AI

  • Added chance based small game hunting traps that can be placed around the world. When the player leaves the area there's a chance they will catch an animal.

  • Stags now die with a rag doll.

  • Stags and chickens can now be harvested for items.

  • Base introduction of Stag and chicken AI.

  • Chickens now die with rag doll.

  • Passive AI now flee from noises created by bullets flying past them.

Vehicles (Limited access pre version 0.12)

  • It's now possible to switch seats while inside a vehicle.

  • Fixed issue which could sometimes mean drivers/passengers would be invisible inside a vehicle.

  • Vehicles now have resistance when driving on water.

  • Vehicles can no longer drive on water.

  • Added functionality for the player to slide off vehicles when they start moving.

  • Added functionality for player to receive damage from moving vehicles.

  • Added functionality for damaging AI when being hit by a vehicle.

  • Can now enter vehicles pressing interact.


  • Fixed issue where flashlights would play turn on animation and attack when pressing right mouse. All flashlight functionality has moved over to "V" input. Lola handgun jam animation now plays correctly. Assigned animations for crawling zombies attacking. Fixed various fps animations that included an empty cartridge/shell that could be seen when slamming doors open.

Weapon Improvements

  • Reduced firing sound reverb when outside. Melee weapons now have a shorter time between attacks. This remove, Holding down attack button now continues to swing weapon. Ejected shells/cartridges now play sound when they hit the ground. These are specific per weapon and to the surface the player is stood on. Weapons now eject shells/cartridges. Decreased and fixed the intensity of the muzzle flash distortion. Updated and improved all weapon muzzle flashes. Bullets now whistle as they pass overhead.


  • Removed cpu overhead that was being caused by zombie checks for traversing objects.


  • Small workbench no longer has multiple hover UI's

  • Changed the achievement icons in the Guide page. They no longer include the grey backdrop.

  • [Equip] button for the weapon you currently have selected is now grey.

  • Fixed issue which caused the kitchen taps and industrial doors to have 2

  • Fixed issue in the Guide page where the achievement icon would be have incorrect alignment.

  • Tweaked spacing in the Guide page to allow the help field to have more space.

  • New day notifications reasons for overall health changes now work again.

  • Current day UI gets cleaned up when forced disconnect happens.

  • Added the remainder of the GUI for the guide.

  • Item hovers now start fading as soon as an item is picked up.

  • Highlights for cut point on trees that have been cut down are shown from further away so that they are easier to find.

  • Added highlight to selected item in the inventory to make it clearer what you have selected.

  • Added functionality for highlighting possible attachments

  • Added functionality for viewing and removing attachments in the inventory.

  • Improved description area layout in the inventory.

  • Fixed inventory descriptions getting cut off

  • Fixed issue which allowed the player to navigate past the last page of the guide.

  • Progress circle UI when interacting no longer plays if the item doesn't have the action being requested.

  • Item hovers are now slightly brighter.

  • Item hovers now fade over distance

  • Item hovers fade closer at night to simulate limited vision.


  • Added environment filler content on terrain 57, 58, 24 and 36.

  • Added environment filler content on terrain 13, 50 and 49

  • Spawn point west of old town moved to make finding guide campsite a bit easier.

  • Zombies no longer run through large trash piles.

  • Fixed floating platforms around mount baron.

  • Road texture in Fishing town improved.

  • Church no longer disappears when it should still be visible at distance.

  • Fixed issue with camp zone smoke disappearing and not being loaded again until the area was fully unloaded.

  • Fixed gab in floor between doorway in Old House variants.

  • Added environment filler content on terrains 28, 2 and 10.

  • Added environment filler content on terrains 42 and 47.

  • Added environment filler content on terrains 35, 36, 43, 44, 12 and 4.

  • Fixed missing interiors in house variant 3 and 2.

  • Fixed garage lights that were clipping.

  • Popovs roof access now has a door and frame.

  • Added environment filler content on terrains 62 and 54

  • Added environment filler content on terrains 14, 22, 37 and 29.

  • Added environment filler content on terrains 08, 15, 16, 31 and 32.

  • Added new POI/Campsites guide locations around fishing town.

  • Added new POI/Campsites guide locations around Sage Creek

  • Added 2 new POI/Campsites guide locations around Addersfield.

  • Added 2 new POI/Campsites guide locations around old town.

  • Water tower no longer pops in from so close.

Aggressive AI

  • Increased the visibility range for AI.

  • Fixed scenario where zombies would sometimes jump through a window and then warp back.

  • Fixed scenario where zombies could climb through windows that hadn't been smashed.

  • Zombies now attack player that are inside of a vehicle.

  • Improved overall player noise mechanic so that it's more reliable when triggering zombies.

  • Fixed zombie vision (Broken in 0.10)

  • Tweaked the idle sounds to make them less confusing against the new annoyance mechanic.

  • Reduced the overall distance that zombies are drawn to the player from. This is intended to stop them aimlessly breaking out of buildings unless they have a chance of reaching the player.

  • Reduced the overall wander range and frequency for day zombies.

  • Added zombie annoyance functionality which allow the player to sneak and receive feedback from zombies. They grunt and become agitated as they hear you moving around.

  • Zombies can now be looted for items. They have a chance of giving a small amount of ammo, rags, nails etc.

  • 6 new attack animations added

  • Shorter delay between attacks.

  • Fixed issue where the zombie would throw errors into the log when inactive.

  • Zombie attack speed tweaked to make the zombies feel more aggressive.


  • Added animal harvesting animations.

  • Added base set of animations for Cricket vehicle.

  • Proxy and player driving animations added.

  • Added all new melee animations for 3rd party characters.


  • Burger Helper canteen variants

  • Rice canteen variants

  • Ramen canteen variants

  • Oats canteen variants

  • Instant potatoes canteen variants

Props / Drops

  • Fixed floating nail in broken cabin models.

  • Added filled canteen variants.

  • Added new stag.

  • Added canteen variants of energy drinks.

  • Updated all broken cabin prefabs so that their doorways are accessible to zombies.

  • Added water storage container drop.

  • Removed the resource requirement from antibiotics in all treated crafting recipes.

  • Removed the resource requirements from Cleaning Kit (wire spool)

  • Removed resource requirements from Clean Rags (washing liquid and bleach)

  • Removed resource on antibiotics, bleach, washing liquid and wire spool.

  • Added ARG15 iron sights.

  • Added APUG sight Drop

  • Added Compact sight Drop

  • Added Reflex sight Drop

  • Added Suppressor Drop

  • Added Oil filter short Drop

  • Added Oil filter long Drop

  • Added mobile water storage container.

  • Added all new a2z Cricket vehicle.

  • Added 4 variants of overgrown vehicles

  • added 4 rural car park variants.

  • Added 2 rest stop area variants.

  • Added 3 variants of shipping containers that have smashed open.

  • Added 4 new industrial compound variants.

  • Added 16 new graffiti objects. Predominant use is for guiding the player to useful objects.

  • Added bunk beds prop.

  • Added 3 variants of shipping container bunkers.

  • Added 2 variants of popup refugee camps.

  • Added 2 variants of rest stops.


  • Added benchmark system which spits out a text file with relevant benchmark information.

  • Added new video permission used for new video tools.

  • Added /Dronecam command which allows player to fly around with smoothed out movement.

  • Added /Videomode command which disables unnecessary UI for recording.

  • Added /Resest achievements command to reset stats and achievements.

  • Added /PauseStreaming command which allows player to stop any sector loading.

  • Added /Daylength command which allows player to set the day cycle length in seconds.

  • Added parameter to /spawn command to allow player to spawn zombies in a circle around them.


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