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Pre-Alpha Devblog #20 (Player Loot | RV Update | Design +)

Hello all,

Thanks for checking out our 20th devblog! Progress is moving along nicely on 0.11.xx. We hope to have experimental builds out by the end of the month. If you're testing 0.10.24, please share any issues you find on our tracker or come share on our Discord. Below we'll discuss a few upcoming features and exactly what the team has been working on.

Player Loot James has been cracking along on a few features this week, one of the biggies is player loot. As mentioned in last week's devblog, zombies will be harvestable on death now. They will provide low-level loot. The 0.11 update will also include player dropped loot, something that has been missing since our stress tests. Some of you may remember when we first started testing network backend players would literally explode on death. All of their contents would just fly out of the model. It was rather entertaining.

Our new system is a bit more refined. As you can see in the short video below, players now drop their weapons and backpacks on death. Player loot and weapons will also of course spawn on a zombie related death. It's now possible to track down all your hard earned loot!

Radios Radios haven't functioned for quite a few updates now. They'll be making a return in 0.11. Players can find radios in the world and tune to 3 different channels as of now and communicate globally. In previous builds, radio chatter could be heard by all players even if they didn't have handheld radios. This issue is now fixed. Radios will require a good deal of testing.

Additional Weapons and Weapon Animations We'll be introducing additional weapons in coming builds and have quite a few planned for alpha builds. We'll also be introducing a pump action shotgun shortly. John has been working on quite a few animation improvements, new zombie attack animations and new player animations along with our passive AI. Below is a preview of his pump action shotgun jam.

Pump action jam animation ​

Continued Design and Design Map With each update in the foreseeable future we'll be including world design. Jos has been hard at work filling up the world gaps. In the screenshot below you can see his design map. The southern part of the map is filling in very nicely now and there's still a ton of design to be done and work will continue. We'll do our best to fill up the wilderness and we'll soon be introducing additional bunkers, container forts and roadside points of interest.

Additional design and campsite map

RV Rework and Update The RV is a massive feature that we're very excited to be working on. Rik has spent the week reworking our concept RV which is nearly 4 years old now. A lot of our concept designs need love and a lot of them are getting it. The RV has had a total rework and will be introduced shortly after the introduction of vehicles. We hope to have all of the functionality working right out of the box.

Our old/concept RV interior

Rik's reworked RV Interior as of today

Our old/concept RV dash

Rik's reworked RV Interior as of today

These are only a handful of what has been worked on this week. Check out our changelog for a full list of what the team has been up to. Thanks much for checking out the devblog. We hope to have .11 in an experimental stage shortly. As always, thank you for the continued support. The project has come a long way and we're excited for the coming months leading up to our public alpha release and beyond!


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