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Pre-Alpha Devblog #19 (Attachments | Design | Storage+)

Hello all,

Thanks for checking out our 19th devblog! Progress is moving along nicely on 0.11.xx. We hope to have experimental builds out by the end of the month. If you're testing 0.10.24, please share any issues you find on our tracker or come share on our Discord. Below we'll discuss a few upcoming features and exactly what the team has been working on.

Vehicle Animations Vehicles and vehicle physics are progressing nicely. The team is working on animating vehicles along with rebuilding the RV. We'll talk more about the RV in an upcoming devblog. Below you'll see the plan still remains the same. All of the vehicles doors and hatches should function. Eventually storage and a part system will relay on some of these animations.

Vehicle Animations - More to Come!​

Player and Zombie Storage (Coming in 0.11.xx+) Something that has been needed and requested for some time is zombie loot. 0.11 will introduce this mechanic along with the base mechanic for player loot and player created storage! Below you can see a dropped backpack's contents being moved. The addition of zombie loot really provides a loop for killing zombies and adds to the entire experience. Zombies currently drop basic items, nails, a few bullets and simple drops. We opted for a 'harvest' method on zombies simply because it's faster and seemed to make more sense. This can be expanded on as we develop and add in game items through alpha.

Portable storage and player dropped loot

Looting zombies for basic items

Weapon Attachments (Coming in 0.11.xx+) Weapon attachment progress continues. The system is now in place at its core. Players will be able attach and detach numerous scopes, flashlights and suppressors (including oil filters). Weapons and weapon attachments will expand as we move through alpha. Below you'll see the ARG15 making a return in coming builds along with a few of it's possible attachments.

ARG15 and some attachments

Wilderness Design and Bunkers As many of you have requested the wilderness, or 'in-betweens' as we call them, are being filled in as design will continue through pre-alpha and well into alpha. Jos has been busy at work creating roadside and forested points of interest. You will likely see world design in nearly every update moving forward. You can see all of the current 0.11 design changes on our changelog.

Structures on the outskirts of towns and roads

New container 'forts' - these 40 foot long box containers can be powered and locked

Powered container interior

Everything a survivor could ever need

Bomb shelter style bunkers (these things will be very secure)

​Thanks much for checking out the devblog. We hope to have .11 in an experimental stage in the coming weeks. As always, thank you for the continued support. The project has come a long way and we're excited for the coming months leading up to our public alpha release and beyond!


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