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Pre-Alpha Devblog #18 (Experimental Build 0.9.23)

Hello all,

Thanks for checking out our 18th devblog! We’ve released the initial 0.9.23 build to our experimental branch on Steam. Feel free to check that out, we need some feedback. There’s a lot of testing and breaking to do so go at it! Below you can find our patch notes.

We’ll be updating to default once experimental is tested and stable along with a devblog update video showcasing all the 0.10.2x feature improvements and additions. Please do your best to check against the list of changes below and report bugs to our tracker.


  • Item pickup time reduced to make it feel more fluid.

  • All crafting recipes times reduced proportionality.


  • Removed lag being caused by incorrect physics on the server relating to zombies.

  • Fixed issue with item relevance which would throw null refs on the server.

  • Fixed issue which would stop guns being able to be reloaded.

  • It's now possible to smash off locks that aren't locked.

  • Attacks can now be performed with melee weapons with left click even when they don't have an alternative attack. It triggers the normal left click attack.

  • Improved melee hitting accuracy on fortification objects.

  • Overall loot percentage and spread balance. This is our first attempt at balancing the loot percentages.

  • Sealed food cans can now be cooked to get them open.

  • Melee weapons now break through use.

  • Fixed scenario where sounds would incorrectly start playing even when sliders were turned down. This happened when returning to the menu.

  • Now possible to harvest water directly into new camping canteen.

  • Blood splatter now works again when shooting through zombies!

  • Added scrap metal points to metal junk piles, scrap truck and motorbike.

  • Melee weapons now take damage and destroy when using them against zombies.

  • Created new camping canteen pickup and relevant consumables (Works like water bottle).

  • It is now possible for items to burnt away on a cooking surface.

  • Picking up item tweaks to make sure the grab animation always plays.

  • Tents now function as item harvest points.

  • Junkpile_Large_Outside_variant_1 clipping issues fixed.

Default Fortifications

  • Window frames now include frame interior and 4 individually breakable glass pieces.

  • Frame interiors respawn on server restart to prevent stagnation.


  • Added working Guide page to the inventory which helps new players learn the basics of survival.

  • Added initial concept campsite.

  • Added base set of achievements for tutorial.


  • Clean rag recipe now returns clean rags instead of dirty.

  • Tinder from cloth/rags.

  • Axe head from scrap metal.

  • Hatchet head from scrap metal.

  • Hammer head from scrap metal.

  • Canteen from scrap metal.

  • Clean pot from scrap metal.

  • Machete from crap metal.

  • Bear trap from scrap metal.

  • Sleeping bag from clothes/rags.

Player Vitals UI

  • Added new player vitals UI that displays appropriate player information when needed. Can also be called up all at once using the inspect functionality.

  • Ammo now displayed in new UI.

  • Removed some notifications that are now handled by new UI.


  • Introduced base steam stats and achievements system.

Aggressive AI

  • Zombie resistance fixed. They can no longer be walked through.

  • Fix for scenario where zombies could be spawned floating in the air.

  • Potential fix for scenario where zombies could float away as though they have zero gravity.

  • Zombies now climb through windows faster.

  • Zombies no longer exit out of windows unless they can directly see the player during the day.

  • Zombies should no longer run to the floor above when they cannot reach the player.

  • Zombies should no longer run outside of a building when they cannot reach the player.

  • Zombies now have improved path finding and should be able to reach the player easier.

  • Zombies during the day are now spread more accurately between buildings allowing for greater amounts.

  • Zombies now sync their movement quicker with less interpolation when they're closer to the player. This causes them to be position more accurately.

  • Zombies now react more aggressively to noise.

  • Fixed several scenarios where zombies would behave strangely with doors.

  • Zombies should no longer get stuck inside of doors frames.

Hotkeys Overhaul

  • Tools added to hotkeys.

  • Current day now displays on the screen while in the inventory.

  • Hotkeys in the inv now show the correct hotkey index in the inventory.

  • Individual hotkeys now scroll through types. Currently 1 melee, 2 handguns, 3 rifles, 4 shotguns and 5 flashlights. (Consumables/medicines will be added later.)

  • Individual hotkey position has memory so that the player can select their favorite weapon of each type and quickly select between them.

  • Scrolling with the mouse scrolls through and entire weapon group and moves to the next.

  • Reduced the switching time slightly.


  • Locks now display condition in their hover UI.

  • Sleeping bag [Use] button in the inventory now says [Sleep].

  • Added new UI to main menu which shows players own total stats and personal bests.

  • Tab list ping now shows correctly.

  • Tab list now displays each players nights survived.

  • Ammo hints now downgraded to small notification in top left.

  • Small notifications no longer stack together.

  • Hints now play ping sound again when you get the same hint and also play a small animation.

  • Improved grammar and capitalisation on various hints.

  • Some hints have been made unlimited.

  • Some hints have been changed to a limited amount of plays.


  • Added door opening and slamming camera animations.

  • Axe - Improved melee animation.

  • Base Ball Bat - Improved melee animation.

  • Hammer - Improved melee animation.

  • Hatchet - Improved melee animation.

  • WoodenClub - Improved melee animation.

  • Combat Knife - Improved melee animation.

  • Wind up Flashlight - Improved melee animation.

  • Flashlights - Improved melee animation.

  • Machete - Improved melee animation.

  • Opening/closing doors now player a character animation.

  • Added fps interact slam open animation for the player.

  • Slamming open/closed now plays character animation.

  • Fixed Lola and Garry handgun animations that clipped the camera.


  • Jerry can now has base weight.

  • Fixed cleaning kit drop. No longer looks like firewood.

  • Added scrap metal drops

  • Removed tent as a drop. It's now a design prop. packed test drop disabled.


  • Added all bullet impact particles and decals to the preload scene.

  • Item relevance optimisations.

  • Item spawning and checking optimisations.

  • Removed exit particle on the blood impact particle.

  • Added the dynamic blood decals to the preload scene.


  • Ai no longer walks through glass store counter.

  • Redesigned police and fire stations.

  • Redesigned projects building.

  • Redesigned grocery store 3.

  • Redesigned grocery store 2.

  • Redesigned grocery store 1.

  • Redesigned strip malls 3, 4 and 5.

  • Redesigned strip malls 1 and 2.

  • Redesigned Gas stations 5 and 6.

  • Removed concrete barrier to allow zombie navigation in adders field school

  • Redesigned Gas stations 3 and 4.

  • Redesigned house 11 interiors.

  • Fixed odd tiling on interior gas station wall.

  • Redesigned cabin variants 1 and 2 interiors.

  • Redesigned Old house 1.

  • Redesigned Old house 2.

  • Redesigned Old house 3.

  • Redesigned Old house 4.

  • Redesigned Cabins 3 and 4 interiors.

  • Redesigned Cabins 5 and 6 interiors.

  • Redesigned Cabins 7.


  • Strip mall buildings now have security glass windows.

  • Updated camping grill tripod so that the cooking surface is larger.

  • Added a2z Cricket concept/testing car.

  • Added drinking camping canteen.

  • Added Scrap metal pickup prop.


  • Items can now be given by shift clicking their names in the inventory, machines and containers. (Give perm is required)

  • Items can now be given by clicking grey [Add] buttons in machines. (Give perm is required)


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