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Pre-Alpha Devblog #14 (UI Improvements | Player Stat Visuals +)

Hello all,

Thanks for checking out our 14th devblog! We’ve released the initial 0.9 build to our experimental branch on Steam. We've had some feedback and issues found are being worked on. If you're testing 0.9, please share any issues you find on our tracker or come share on our Discord.

We're working on a load of great features, fixes and additions for .10+. Feel free to check out our changelog. You'll be able to keep track of development and see all the features in the works for the next build. Below we'll go over a couple of features that are currently being worked on.

UI Improvements Coming in 0.10.x +) For some time now players have asked for and the team has wanted a clean way to provide the player with general stat information. In 0.9 we introduced some UI changes in the way of a new notification and hint system. If you missed it there's more info on hints/notifications here. The notification and hint system is far more dynamic than our previous system.

We'll also be introducing new player stat notifications and tabs. Currently, the player has to open their inventory to get a clue as to how they're doing. Calories, overall health, ammo all of our stats have no on screen UI. We like it this way but we do realize it's not at all ideal. We're now introducing a visual system but it will only be on screen when called by the player on a button press or when a stat is affected either positively or negatively. If the player takes damage, the health notification will display if they're hungry the consuming icon etc. Overall we feel they don't take away from the clutter free GUI and at the same time provide the info that's needed. Let us know what you think. If the community sees it fit after testing our next builds perhaps we will make the UI and new hotkeys a toggleable option.

Player stats displayed on button press. If wanted we could make this toggleable in the future

New UI damage tab displayed as the player takes damage

Mental health stat icons being developed

New Tab Menu (coming in 0.10.x +) The tab menu has had a revamp. It's cleaner and easier to read now. We've also introduced player gameplay statistics. In future updates, we plan on adding both player and global gameplay stats to the games main menu.

New tab (player) menu now with player gameplay statistics

Next Week's Devblog (Fortification Improvements)

We're making some big improvements to window frames along with improvements to door fortifications. Next week we'll speak in depth about these new features. Thanks much for check in on our development of Survive the Nights and as always thank you for the continued support. The project has come a long way and we're excited for the coming months leading up to our public alpha release!


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