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Pre-Alpha Devblog #12 (Attachment Progress | Bedrolls | 0.9 Progress Update)

Hello all,

Thanks for checking out our 12th devblog! We’re making good progress on 0.9 but we’ve run into a few blockers after yesterday and this morning's team test phase. We’ll be working on it over the weekend and should be good to go next week. We’ll keep this devblog short and get right back to finding issues and getting them sorted.

0.9 introduces a lot of game improving features. This includes new hover UI’s to replace our old small GUI system, separate hint/general notifications, audio fixes, tons of bug fixes, improvements to crafting, the introduction of a headlamp as starting loot among many other improvements/features. You can have a look at all of them on our changelog.

The 0.9 build also features many improvements to our workflow, backend assets and automation, many of which you’ll never get to see as players. Our build pipeline is now fully automated. This is a big step for streamlining builds and workflow. The last devblog showcased @Clinton's improvements to our automated lobby and it has been running and working great since!

Weapon Attachment Progress Practical weapon attachments have always been a goal and we’re happy to showcase some of @Rik Konings progress on weapon attachments. You’ll also notice the improved ARG that you’ll be seeing in an upcoming build.

Our Original Concept​

ARG and some attachments (scopes and suppressors) .12 will also feature light attachments.

The FRKS with attachments (yeah that’s a suppressor on a shotgun so what, big whoop).​

Weapon Attachment Suggestions As you can see some of our original concepts are already in or already in the works such as the oil filter and flash light attachments we showed way back from the start. We have some great suggestions for attachments as well but nothing too fresh. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them here. We’ll get them in game if they’re practical and effective.

Flashlight Improvements Rik has also had done a quick rework to some of our models in preparation for attachments. Some models are original concept and needed a bit of updating. Below you can see some simple changes to flashlight textures and models a quick job adding some new textures and nice touched to old models.

Updated Flashlights

Sleeping Roll We’ll soon introduce a sleeping roll, allowing for players to place safe log off positions anywhere in the world. The player will not have to worry about tampering. All the mechanics are handled via the inventory. You’ll simply bring the bedroll up in your inventory and choose the option to logout. Bedrolls will be found at starting camps and will also be craftable items.

Player set safe log off points​

Thanks for checking out the blog. We’ll be working and doing our best to get experimental and default builds sorted next week. We’ll continue to provide you with updates as often as we can. Check back on previous updates and devblogs here. As always, thanks much for the continued support!


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