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Experimental Patch Notes - Alpha 1.19 (Horde Avoidance | QoL | Trap Improvements++)

We have released Alpha 1.19 on our experimental branch. Please report bugs and issues in game using the F1 menu. If you'd like to track the patch progress and follow more closely with development, check our changelog and please consider joining our Discord.

How to get into experimental branch:

  1. Open Steam and go to your games library.

  2. Right click on STN and select "Properties"

  3. Navigate to the "Betas" tab and select "experimental" in the drop down menu.

  4. Close the properties window.

  5. You will find a single experimental server titled EXPERIMENTAL_SERVER. Join this for some testing.

Patch Notes - Alpha 1.19 (Experimental Build)

Quality of Life (QoL)

  • Fixed issue where item would disable for a second after placing it down

  • Faster animations for opening of Lock/Hasp that is placed on a door

  • Fixed scenario where drops would fall through interior objects (cabinets/kitchen/tables/beds).

  • Guide no longer restarts when joining a new server. Providing a sleeping bag has been placed at least once.

  • Fix for slow orange highlight when harvesting items

  • Harvesting now disables on zombie+animal rag dolls once they have been successfully searched.

  • Movement of items in placement mode now more responsive

  • Items going red in placement mode now more responsive

  • Fix for drops being hard to pick up when placed on top of harvest machines and containers

  • Allowed interacting with traps when looking through door ways with a tool equipped

  • Fixed issue where player couldn’t drop/place items when standing in front of an open doorway

  • Slight increase to interaction distance

  • Scrolling now switches weapon instead of rotates plank when looking at a window with a tool. Shift scroll can be used to rotate boards.

  • Allowed logging off near zombies that aren’t currently chasing someone.

  • Allowed logging off near dead zombies

  • Fixed issue where map would stay open when disconnecting from a server

  • Increased swimming speed when trying to swim to the surface of the water

  • Tab is now used as the default inventory button with “I” as a fallback input.

  • Player list moved to “P” keybinding by default


  • Fixed scenario where horde would start as soon as you join the server.

  • Added way to avoid horde by crouching and hiding inside of a building.


  • Added animations when opening containers

Trap Improvements

  • Shotgun trap now activates on shell being added rather than a separate input.

  • Increased damage from nail bomb traps.

  • Nail bomb trap is now enabled by default when placing it

  • Firecracker trap is now enabled by default when placing it

  • Firecracker trap wire length increased

  • Firecracker trap now has firecracker in the crafting recipe instead of as a required item

  • Firecracker trap now gets destroyed when triggered

  • Fixed fire trap not doing damage after enabling/disabling it

  • Improved and optimized particles when zombies are on fire

  • Fixed lingering particles when a zombie on fire dies.

  • Made nail bomb trap wire more visible

  • Made firecracker bomb trap wire more visible

  • Made airhorn trap wire more visible


  • Removed 'E' key functionality for various interactions to save confusion when trying to interact.

  • Fixed controls for drive-in cinema not working after new interaction update.

  • Light improvements to horde UI to indicate that the hordes can be skipped again.

  • Ammo type now shown when looking at gun drops

  • Fixed some UI being blocked when hovering over + and - buttons when interacting with items

  • Fixed issue where fortification UI is hard to read with a flashlight enabled

  • Reworked equipped weapon UI.

  • Added system for showing UI for next and previous weapon when scrolling.

  • Tweaks to player vitals UI so that they are bigger and easier to read.

  • Current nail/screw amount is now shown on boards while fortifying

  • Added color and animation indicators when player doesn’t have items/fixings while fortifying

Weapon Improvements

  • Gun is now only used as a melee weapon automatically when the gun is out of ammo

  • Added input for using gun as a melee weapon (V)

  • Moved flashlight input to X to allow for melee input

  • Increase to aiming down sight speed

  • Removed initial delay from weapon switching to make it more responsive

  • Slight increase to weapon equip animations


  • Improved lag on the server caused by having many items near a player

  • Improved rain particle performance


  • Increased field of view while running

  • Improved anti aliasing


  • Added animations to vehicle doors

  • Added animations to vehicle hood when accessing engine

  • Player now has to be outside of a car to access engine

  • Fixed help UI for enabling siren and disabled open engine UI while in vehicle


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