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Experimental Patch Notes - Alpha 1.16 (Polish | Melee Improvements | QoL++)

We have released 1.16 on our experimental branch. There’s quite a bit of stuff to check over for this update and we’ll have a full devblog out when we hit default.

Please report bugs and issues in game using the F1 menu. If you'd like to track the patch progress and follow more closely with development, check our changelog and feel free to join our Discord.

How to get into experimental branch:

  1. Open Steam and go to your games library.

  2. Right click on STN and select "Properties"

  3. Navigate to the "Betas" tab and select "experimental" in the drop down menu.

  4. Close the properties window.

Patch Notes - Alpha 1.16 (Experimental Build)

Quality of Life

  • Fixed various admin commands that updated a users account.

  • Fixed not being able to equip weapons in vehicles when switching from the drivers seat to a passenger seat

  • Fixed player sometimes being able to equip a weapon while driving

  • Fixes for harvest machines being marked as harvested when harvesting with a full inventory

  • Lowered PVP damage overall.

  • Lowered PVP damage when damaging friends.

  • Fix for items being picked on accident up when trying to place items

  • Compass no longer requires an actual compass item in the inv.

  • New players now start with 80 health instead of 60

  • Players no longer slow down as much when walking through bushes.

  • Improved sliding and jumping to fix players jumping up trees, power lines and steep cliffs.

  • Vehicles are no longer damaged when shooting out of them.

  • Reduced vehicle damage from small impacts at lower speeds.


  • Fixed issue where fortifications can be placed inside of each other while fortifying.

  • Fortifying now more responsive overall.

  • Fixed clipping fortifications when planks go red while fortifying


  • Increased general response to noise for zombies

  • Big increase in response to gun shots for zombies

  • Damage from zombies increased slightly

  • Fixed issue where zombies would sometimes hit the player when it didn’t look like they attacked

  • Fix for notification sometimes saying you picked up wood when inventory is close to full


  • Fix for lids not popping off cooked cans


  • Added sounds when searching for items (wood/metal/cloth/AI).

  • Headshot sounds are no longer delayed.

  • Fixed zombie sounds cutting out when zombie dies


  • Players now get stunned by zombies.

  • Fixed issue where players can glitch into buildings when getting out of vehicle seat

  • Fix for placement mode not working in some large structures

  • Fires can now be trampled by AI and players. This reduces their exploitivity when being used as a trap.


  • Fixed floating loot where coffee tables used to be.

  • Added fire places to all structures that were missing them.

  • Added scrap harvest throughout the world.


  • Fixed concrete particles when shooting road surfaces.

  • Fixed small objects clipping into the road when dropping.


  • Pliers, wrenches and screw drivers can now be found at hardware stores.

  • Maps should no longer spawn.

  • Compass disabled (The player now has this by default)

  • Disabled various drops that didn't have a purpose.


  • Notification when picking up a log now displays the amount of wood picked up.

  • Removed incorrect notifications about empty bottles when searching for water

  • Disabled automatic help video popups.

  • Added health bar in name tag for friends


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