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Devblog 63 - 1.16 Preview (QoL Improvements | Fire Improvements | Bug Fixes)

Friday, March 11th

Hello all,

We’ve had a productive week putting together and getting to work on our 1.16 game plan. We’ll be focusing mostly on quality of life issues for this build. We have a really solid foundation now and the game is a good deal of fun so we’re going to focus on some of the more annoying issues that cause inconvenience to gameplay. We’ll also be delving deep into some of the long standing annoyances in the game based on the most reported tickets.

Fire Improvements

We’ve introduced a stomping mechanic to our in game campfires. Players or AI moving over campfire will now extinguish the campfire itself. Players and AI will still take damage of course but the fire itself will not continue to blaze essentially creating a never ending very OP trap. There are still improvements to be made to zombie hit effects as they and players move through burning fires as you’ll notice in the gif below.

Fire Stomping

Exiting Vehicle Loophole

There’s a current bug in game that allows players to bypass fortified structures/locks by parking near a door and exiting a vehicle. This is an issue that was solved in the past but has crept its way back into the most recent builds. 1.16 will see a proper solution and this should be an issue moving forward any longer.

Exiting Car Fix

Health Bar on Friend Name Tags

Many of you have requested this feature. It’s not easy to currently see your friends health to know where everyone stands. In 1.16 friends will have a health bar right below their name tag allowing you and your friends to easily gauge each others current health situation.

Health Bar Below Name tags

General Improvements and Fixes

Below is a short list of some of the other improvements, additions and fixes we’ll be working on for 1.16. We’ll likely go over some of these in greater detail as we work through this development cycle. We’re doing our best to keep these updates meaningful and more important quick. We’ll be sticking to monthly game update doing our best to get them out the first Friday of each month for the foreseeable future.


  • Melee Sounds Fixes

  • Remove empty bottle hints and notifications from guide/game as they’ve been removed.

  • Window fortification fixes. Sometimes placing fortifications on windows can be finicky if you’re not standing exactly in front of the window. This has been greatly improved.

  • Can popping sound and animation fixed!

  • You no longer damage your vehicle when shooting from it through front windshield.

  • Removed lag when starting fires

  • A large sweep over entire island adding more scrap harvest piles and vehicle wrecks to provide player with more access to scrap metal.

  • Disabled numerous drops that currently have no purpose.

General Improvements

  • Slower players when they’re attacked by zombies (currently no negative to getting hit making Melee somewhat OP).

  • Window fortification improvements. Sometimes placing fortifications on windows can be finicky if you’re not standing exactly in front of the window. This has been greatly improved.

  • Raise players starting health 60 was just needlessly low.

  • Felling a tree and chopping the trunk into pieces now provides wood rather than a log and additional pointless crafting step.

  • Reduced vehicle damage from small impacts (very annoying).

  • Animals now harvestable after you hit them with a vehicle.

  • Removed the need for a compass, maps works as it does with a compass now right from the start of gameplay. This game is best experienced with friends and we want to make it easier for you to find each other.


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