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Devblog 61 - 1.15 Preview (Inventory Improvements | Steam Deck!! | Fortifications Improvements++)

Friday, February 11th

Hello everyone, we’re working hard on 1.15 patch doing some much needed optimization and community found issue fixing. You can expect a 1.15 experimental build sometime soon, we’re sticking to our guns and plan on releasing an update on the first Friday of every month. Remember, these blogs only show a glimpse of what we’re working on if you want to know exactly what we’re up to check out our Changelog.

Inventory Improvements

We’re getting around to cleaning up some inventory issues and one the biggest reported issues is a fix for the ‘Move All’ and ‘Take All’ problems. Mainly the fact that under some circumstances the feature simply didn’t work. Moving items from inventory to machines as an example is now fixed. Along with these fixes optimizations allow for the move to be instant.

  • Optimization to item hovers.

  • Move all and take all form containers/machines now working fully.

  • Move all and take all from both machines and containers is now instant.

  • Sorting the inventory is now instant.

Instant Take All | Take All

Move All | Take All working on machines

Crafting Improvements

With the upcoming focus on fortifications we’ve made some small largely requested changes to crafting recipes in the game. The player is now able to craft a hammer and an axe with simple materials like scrap metal and wood. We’ve removed the handle crafting and head crafting along with those drops. This should make felling trees, crafting planks and fortifying structures more accessible to the player early in the game.

We have also adjusted the initial crafting window to include anything that can be crafted with your current inventory right at the top of the list. After that you'll see all craftables again in alphabetical order. This was a much requested feature from the community and you’ll see it in 1.15.

Anything You Can Craft at the Top of List

New axe and hammer crafting recipes

Fortification Improvements

Currently fortification strength isn’t something that stands out when looking at say a plank on a window. So little does it stand out that we’ve watched many of you seemingly not even know you could further fortification strengths. Placing a fortification for the first time simply applies it to the window, it doesn’t apply it at full strength. The new system adds a little color to the mix, allowing the player to easily see just how strong the placed fortification is. We’ve also spent some time fixing issues with damaging fortifications. You can see examples of the color change on strength readout and the working fortification damage below.

We will be expanding on fortification ideas in the coming builds so if you have any feel free to share. We plan on expanding on traps also with coming improvements to structure electrical systems it should make things very interesting.

Fortification Strength and Color Changes

Steam Deck

You heard it first right here a2z Interactive got its first bit of free gear! A couple of months ago on a whim James applied for a Dev Kit and just last week the Steam Deck arrived at the office. We’ve been working with it straight out of the box and the game runs great.

The Steam Deck seems to be a fantastic bit of tech and we’re super blown away by performance and excited to try and get Survive the Nights up and running properly on it for the initial release! There’s a good deal of work to be done and we’ve already started the process of optimizations. Along with that we’ll soon be introducing controller support. We hope the Steam Deck and controller support bring in a new batch of players wanting to check out Survive the Nights.

Steam Deck Dev Kit

Feeling pretty special 😉

STN Running on The Steam Deck


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