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Devblog 59 - 1.14 Preview (Patreon| Improved Tree Felling | Improved Fortifications++)

Friday January 7th,

We’re back in the office after some much needed time away from you maniacs. That’s a joke of course, we’re back and rested and the team has gotten right back into the swing of things. This will just be a short blog laying out our 1.14 plans. As always remember to check our live changelog for up to date information on exactly what we’re working on.


Over the course of our development a lot of people have requested a way to further support the game. We’ve put it off to be honest, we have spent literally every minute attending to development and community. This past week JB has finalized the Patreon page we probably should have launched a while back. There are three tidy tiers to choose from, if you’re interested feel free to pick one up. As always thanks for the continued support, we probably don’t have to say this so many years on but of course all funds will go directly to game development.

Patreon Page

Improved Tree Felling

Oh yeah, there has been a report or two about this, something about trees perhaps flying off like the falcon 9 when they’re chopped down etc. Jokes aside, we've decided it’s time to address the insane tree issues and we’ll begin to tweak things and get those trees falling properly in 1.14.

Along with improving the general mechanics behind the system we’ll introduce a totally bad ass chainsaw for quick tree felling and zombie mutilating, just be sure to wear chaps chainsaws are very dangerous.

Improved Fortifications

Many of you have requested we add holes to doorways and ledges to free placed fortifications like the plywood and tin walls. Andre has spent some time modeling up some steps for these barricades and the results are a lot of fun. You’ll also notice walls without steps now have a shooting slot just above the center support. The improved visibility and ability to shoot without damaging your own fortification really improves gameplay and practicality of these fortifications.

We will continue to add and improve the entire fortification system moving through the next few builds as we feel it should be and always was meant to be a major part of gameplay.

Improved Fortifications (Steps and Slots)

Improved Fortifications (Steps and Slots)

Quick Play

The game is fun and it’s a lot more fun with other players. James has spent some time balancing and tidying up our main menu. A lot of the issues people seem to encounter with STN are solo/hosting issues. Rarely do people who jump in game and immediately into the top server have major performance issues or gameplay issues in general. Solo can double the system requirements currently, resulting in less than ideal performance. Hosting at this time is really for the more advanced user, port forwarding and opening being requirements that the average Joey Bag o’ Donuts just doesn’t have the time for.

The introduction of the “Quick Play” feature should alleviate some of these broader and more generalized issues. It’s also a fantastic way to experience the game, especially for the first time. Being able to open up STN and simply hit one button to join the most populated server is simple and requires no actual effort. You’re instantly getting into the action. Solo and Hosting options have not gone anywhere, you’ll find solo in the host tab now.

Quick Play Feature

General Fixes and Improvements

We will go over these features and more as we work through 1.14. We hope to have an update on the first Friday of every month from here on out, more on that next week. We’ll be doing a good deal of general fixes with 1.14. Some of them have been on the ‘needs fixing’ board for far too long.

  • Tree Felling

  • Garage Door Issues (if you know you know)

  • Improvements to fortification balance

  • Support tickets not appearing to work (stuck at 84%)

  • Continues placement client crash (very annoying)

Thank you for the continued support, we’re working on issues you’re finding so please keep reporting any bugs and making any game suggestions you can think of.



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