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Devblog 58 - Winter Event 2021

Friday December 10th,

Hello everyone, we're releasing our holiday event today. You'll notice lit trees in all the structures along with a massive tree in the center of towns. This tree can be powered and once so will start a small mini, wave based event. Some of you might remember the event from last year. We've upped the rewards and added a few new bits like Santa hat wearing zombies (which is way creepier than we thought it would be)..

Town Tree Event

Find big town trees in center of the islands towns. Below the tree you'll notice a breaker panel and an electric meter. If the you place a generator and provide power to the tree you can hit the big red button to start the challenge. Keep in mind this challenge can only be done at night and it doesn't stop your nightly horde from arriving :) Once the challenge starts you'll need to survive 3 separate waves of zombies. Surviving the challenge will result in presents duh! This year as mentioned above we've upped loot rates. You'll also no longer need a lighter for the firework presents so go crazy!

Santa hat wearing zombies, so festive!

So creepy!

Santa's little hellpers

Toys for all!

Event rules

Thanks for the continued support. We'll have another devblog out before the holidays and the end of the year.



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