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Devblog 56 - 1.11 Preview (Self Defense System | PvP Changes | Halloween Event++)

Friday October 29th,

Hello everyone, a preemptive happy Halloween to you all. We hope you have a fun and spooky weekend. We’ve been cracking along on the 1.11 build and making some pretty massive gameplay changes along the way.

Andre has continued making progress on prepping the new 1.12 zombies. Along with that, he’s altering, improving and removing some of our current zombies. He has recently started working on a random skin generator that promises to drastically improve zombie variation.

Animation additions and improvements continue to be made for 1.11. John’s working with a new model for the first time in quite a while and things are progressing quite nicely. We’re excited to eventually showcase more of the zombie introduction after 1.11 is released and we’re showcasing the 1.12 update.

I (JB) have spent my time in the last week or so introducing new design to the world in the form of car dealerships and impound lots. There are currently 6 variants of these scattered all across the island and we’ll likely update and refine the structures via our prefab system as we move through the development cycle and have more time and resources to dedicate to structure rebuilds. As of now these areas will serve the purpose of providing new and returning players alike a place to reliably find vehicles, vehicle parts and tools.

Self Defense and PvP Improvements

Yes, yes we hear you! James has begun implementing quite a few general pvp changes along with the changes made via your suggestions. The pvp system has needed some love and it’s getting attention now. The introduction of the sleeping bag and home claiming system introduced a few issues and we’ll be addressing them in 1.11

Self Defense:

We have wanted to work out some kind of a who shot first system for quite some time now. The next version will introduce a basic self defense system. Players will have a set amount of time (currently 2 minutes) to return fire without penalty. This obviously only works if you’ve been hit first. This system also changes when taking home status into effect as explained below.

Structure Defense:

The initial reason for this change was to stop players placing sleeping bags and using them to grief other players. There’s a need for a more advanced system but this is a great base to work from and should solve many of the initial issues.

It is now possible for players to protect their own home under any circumstance (without mental health impact) providing the player is inside their home. Homes are now considered to ‘age out’ meaning any home that has been set for more than 12 in game hours. A long standing home was extra right over a home that has just been placed. In the event a placed home is new and not older than 12 hours, that player will face a cool down to respawn.

This isn’t a fail safe solution by any means. Should an attacker age out of a home, placing a bag and making it 12 hours without it being destroyed they will be able to respawn and attack without negative effect. This could basically create a pvp free-for-all if you’re both in your houses shooting across the gardens. This, of course, would only work if you were both in your structures once outside the system reverts to the who shot first system above.

Example of the System:

Player 1 is in their home and protecting their aged base (their real home that’s been there for a while). Player 2 places a home near player 1’s base and intends to use it to exploit by attacking player 1 over and over.

Previously player 1’s mental health would deteriorate as player 2 could just keep respawning at their home and attacking player 1. This effectively left player 1 helpless, not able to protect their base without suffering from negative mental health effects and eventually committing suicide.

With the new system, providing player 1's base is aged out, they have the right to kill on sight anyone attacking them (regardless of who fires the first shot) without consequence. In the event player 2 gets killed by player 1, they are placed on timeout to spawn at home, in the event their home is close to player 1’s. If player 2’s home isn’t close then they are allowed to spawn at home as per normal gameplay.

Survive the Nights is an early access game and a work in progress. Game features are constantly evolving and improving. You may encounter game breaking bugs. Please take this into account when playing/reviewing the game.

Help us test and submit issues via our in-game issue tracker. Join our active community and provide feedback on Discord.

Car Lots

A vehicle makes survival a lot easier and we would like to get players driving around sooner rather than later. We will be making some adjustments to the guide systems including the task to get a vehicle started. This task will now waypoint players to the new car lot additions on the island. These car lots as mentioned above are spread across the map and there are currently 6 variants although you might not notice much difference initially. We will expand on structure design later, our prefab system allows us to swap out any structure in the game or just make general improvements and changes without issue for the most part.

Black Island Impound Lot

Current placement (likely to change)

Halloween Event

The Halloween event is in full swing and will run until November 7th. You’ll notice Jack-O-Lanterns scattered around the world, a ‘Trick or Treat’ door knocker and the reintroduction of the feature length film Night of the Living Dead. You can receive the film as a treat and load up the projector in either of the island's drive-in movie theaters. Below are two quick videos showcasing each of the Halloween event features.

Drive-In Night of the Living Dead

Watch the full length movie right in the game. Find a film reel while trick or treating. You can take the reel to either of the drive-in theaters and play the movie via the projection room. Try and survive a couple of hordes while watching a classic film!

Trick or Treating

You'll find most of the structures in the game will currently have decorations around the doorstep and a new door knocker. Use the door knocker once the sun sets for a trick-or-treat. Tricks aren't always fun but the treats should make killing them easier ;)

Thank you for the continued support, we’re working on issues you’re finding so please keep reporting any bugs and making any game suggestions you can think of. We’ll see you next week for a more in depth discussion on 1.11 and the new features and improvements.



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