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Devblog 55 - Halloween Event (Trick or Treating | Drive-In)

Friday October 22nd,

Hello everyone, just a short blog today along with a quick update to enable the Halloween event properly. We’re still cracking along on the 1.11 build and we’ll have a nice devblog next Friday detailing exactly what we’re up to.

The Halloween event has started. You’ll notice Jack-O-Lanterns scattered around the world, a ‘Trick or Treat’ door knocker and the reintroduction of the feature length film Night of the Living Dead. You can receive the film as a treat and load up the projector in either of the island's drive-in movie theaters. Below are two quick videos showcasing each of the Halloween event features.

Drive-In Night of the Living Dead

Watch the full length movie right in the game. Find a film reel while trick or treating. You can take the reel to either of the drive-in theaters and play the movie via the projection room. Try and survive a couple of hordes while watching a classic film!

Trick or Treating

You'll find most of the structures in the game will currently have decorations around the doorstep and a new door knocker. Use the door knocker once the sun sets for a trick-or-treat. Tricks aren't always fun but the treats should make killing them easier ;)

Thank you for the continued support, we’re working on issues you’re finding so please keep reporting any bugs and making any game suggestions you can think of. We’ll see you next week for a more in depth discussion on 1.11 and the new features and improvements.



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