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Devblog 54 - Version 1.11 Preview (Waypoints | Item Highlighting | Friends on Map++)

Friday October 15th,

Hello everyone, apologies for the lack of a devblog last week. We’ve been busy working on 1.11 features and content. As always, these blogs are just a small glimpse of what we’re actually doing so feel free to check out our changelog or jump on our Discord Server for more details.

Waypoint System

The vibe of Survive the Nights is really starting to come into its own. 1.11 will feature a totally revamped spawn system. As mentioned in the last devblog, the new system will randomly spawn players in structures around the world. This really makes every life and experience unique. Spawning in houses in towns vs spawning in a country house creates a wide variety of gameplay experiences.

Along with the new spawning system, James has spent some time improving and expanding on the quick guides’ abilities and features. New players have a far more task oriented start. The game really is starting to feel like a game with these recent changes. The original ‘hunker down’ vibe is coming back into its own and guiding the player from the start is a big part of our intended gameplay style.

The waypoint system and new help system is meant to gently guide new players in the right direction. It can be fully disabled for returning players and is automatically disabled even for returning players after completion.

Waypoint directing the player towards a wood harvest

Item Highlighting Improvements

Item and harvest highlighting has recently been introduced and James has made some improvements to the system. Current highlighting on harvest machines stays even after you’ve harvested the times from it even if it’s ‘empty’.. The updated system will now remove the glowing effect from empty harvest machines making it far easier to distinguish what you have and haven’t harvested. We'll have some more info in next week's devblog.

Friends on Map and Compass

We’ve always wanted Survive the Nights to be a co-op experience. Surviving with friends is a totally different experience than surviving on your own. We introduced the home system in 1.10 allowing players to set their homes. This feature itself allows for a more cooperative experience. We’ve taken it a step further with the 1.11 update by adding the much requested ability to see your friends on the map.

In 1.11, players will be able to see any of their Steam friends on the map. This should work without the need for you to do anything in game so long as you’re Steam friends. In addition to seeing your friends when you bring up the map, they will also be visible when you inspect your player and bring up the compass UI.

Friend locations on the map

Friend locations on the compass

Structure Variant

We’ll be doing quite a bit of additional design in the world and the in-betweens. One of those additions will be a small car dealership/warehouse variant, a gas station/dealership variant and a small impound lot. These new points of interest will be spread out nicely on the map and tie directly into the new guide and waypoint system. Players will carry the guide through the waypoint system directing them towards a dealership and, in return, the player should be able to get a vehicle going. Getting a vehicle going should help greatly when it comes to gathering supplies.

Black Island Impound

As always, thanks much for the continued support. We'll be working through community found issues and feedback and rely heavily on all of you reporting issues. If you're having issues in the game please report them via the F1 in game reporting system. If you have some constructive feedback or gameplay ideas you'd like to share, please consider joining our Discord server.



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