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Devblog 44 - Player Death Improvements | Crafting UI Improvements++

Friday July 9th,

Hello everyone, another quick week and another good amount of progress! Andre and John spent time implementing weapon melee attack functionality. James has been working on improving quite a few quality of life issues like improving the crafting mechanic and UI and improving weapon scrolling. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting back into Unity and I’m currently working on improving the harvest machines around the world. Below we’ll showcase a little of what we’re working on but please remember to check out our ever changing changelog™.

Crafting Improvements

We’ve taken some feedback from the community via discussions and tickets and James has made quality of life improvements with our crafting systems. Just adding a bit of polish to the systeming making it more user friendly and intuitive.

Some of the improvements made; buttons for cycling through the ‘all’ ‘favorites’ and ‘help’ tabs are now toggles. The search field no longer clears all the craftables, now when searching you’ll start with a full list and the search will narrow down the field. You’ll notice tools and recipe item icons can now be selected to navigate to the item's recipe, this adds a good deal of fluidity to the system. The greyed out items are now highlighted to make it clear you can still view the items recipe. There’s a lot going on with the system and we can and will improve more as we move forward. The first video below showcases some of these improvements.

Along with general improvements, James has added nested craftables. You’ll no longer need to back out and search for a recipe’s missing ingredient. The player can now simply click the icon or ingredient to be directed to it’s crafting recipe. This should save a great deal of of time and makes things feel just that much more user friendly.

Player Death Improvements

We’ve had some long standing, highly reported and very annoying backpack issues. They mostly revolve around the player's death and how and what happens to their backpack and weapons. We’ve had issues with floating backpacks and big troubles when players are killed inside vehicles, more so if they’re moving.

The fix for this vehicle issue was considered from the implementation time vs the end result. The solution we landed on works and was quick to implement. The player is now moved to the step out position as they die and the ragdoll and backpack spawn at that location. The alternative would have been to parent or join the ragdoll to the vehicle or animate him in a dead state and somehow attach the back to the player inside the vehicle. This could have been a massive can of worms. Something to consider for the future perhaps. As it stands the system works much better and you should see far less issue around the backpacks in general.

Player Backpack On Death

Vehicle Death

Moving Vehicle Death


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