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Devblog 43 - Sight Improvements | Stat and HUD Improvements ++

Friday July 2nd,

Hello everyone, another week has flown by and we’ve made some great progress on quality of life issues and general bug fixes. As we move forward we think it’s important to mention that all of our vlogs, devblogs and social media posts should be considered to be works in progress. They likely very much represent what you’ll end up seeing but there can always be minor or major tweaks and changes before a feature ends up in your hands.

Weapon Sight Improvements

The community has been mentioning the zoom and blurry scope issues. Andre has spent some time this week improving all of the scopes in the game.

He has reduced the amount of zoom in the apug/compact scopes and increased the amount the FOV is zoomed in instead. This allows for more screen area to be taken up by the scope, and for less pixelation caused by the magnification shader. Doing so also required some of our FPS models to be tweaked to accommodate new zoom methods.

New Stat UI

We’ve reworked the entire ‘inspect’ notification system. Making quite a few improvements along the way. We’ve redesigned the status notifications and reorganized them. This has made them both more compact and sleek along with being more consistent with the inventory booklet. The change makes the stats look less like a hotbar.

Along with these visual changes we’ve also improved the functionality of the inspect menu. The player will be made aware of the most critical stat and now have a hotkey option “G” to open the inventory to a stat specific item list. If you’re low on calories and you’ve got a blinking calorie stat, pressing “G” will open the inventory and show anything you can eat.

In conclusion, we feel these changes make the entire feature more useful and sleeker. The updates are in real time and the player can more easily understand at a glance just what’s going on. Next week we'll showcase the weapon UI improvements. There are more UI changes you’ll notice in 1.9 and if you have any suggestions please feel free to share them.


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