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Alpha Devblog #9 - 1.4 Exp Patch Update (Stewing | Farming | Calorie Adjustment++)

Hello all,

Thanks for checking out our 9th alpha devblog! Some of you might be new here so thanks much for the support! The team is hard at working on player found issues and developing the 1.4 patch. We've released the second build of our 1.4 patch on our experimental branch via steam. Not all features of 1.4 are yet testable but some are, we've listed them below. If you'd like to track the patch progress and follow more closely with development, check ourChangelogand feel free to join ourDiscord.

Currently Testable

  • Police vehicles spawning

  • Lower starting cals

  • Increased overall health steps.

  • Consuming doesn’t close inventory.

  • FRKS is spawning correctly.

  • Stewing

  • Growing

  • New vehicles now have correct explosion effects.


Players have requested larger meals and calorie adjustments so we've taken a lot of your suggestions on board and have begun to introduce stews in the 1.4. Players can now create larger group meals in cooking pots. It's as simple as placing a large cooking pot over a heat source and adding ingredients.

Stews will provide the player with a serving, anyone can interact with a stew pot for a calorie portion. The better you stock the pot the better the caloric result. In the future we'll add further detail, stews will go rancid, adding certain ingredients will cause the stew to produce negative effects.


We've continued working on farming. With the patch being released today the initial base mechanic can be tested. For the time being at least in this exp patch you will find packets of seeds around the world. This mechanic will change upon full release of the mechanics base. You will find the initial plant/crop growing in the wild. The player will require a shovel in hand to harvest, with every harvest you'll receive the crop along with a seed you also stand a 40% chance of receiving an additional seed. This is just the base of the farming mechanic, terrain planting along with grow lamps will come shortly. For now plants will grow, better if they're hydrated. You will see season effect growth times, there are four stages to growth with the crop being harvest-able in the 4th and last stage.

Calorie Adjustment

Calorie intake has change quite a bit with 1.4. You'll notice the lowering starting requirements, new players will only require 1000 calories. We've increased the overall health step and calorie requirement. We've also increased the buffs like those that go to health, stamina and carrying capacity with each overall health step.

Craftable Torch

Players have requested a source of light that can be crafted. We'll be introducing a craftable torch with the 1.4 update and it can be tested with this release. Simply craft a club and find a fire source, take a swing at the fire to ignite the club and you should have a torch to provide light.


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