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Alpha Devblog #5 - Experimental Build Patch 1.2.7

Hello all,

Thanks for checking out our 5th alpha devblog! We’ve released the 1.2.7 patch to our experimental branch on Steam. Thanks very much to all the testers finding current issues. There’s a lot of testing and breaking to do so go at it! Below you can find our patch notes. Please do your best to check against the list of changes and report bugs and issues in game using the F1 menu. You can also make suggestions in game using the same menu, changing 'bug report' to 'suggestion'.



  • Aluminium Plank added.

  • Reinforced Plank added.

  • Plywood Board added.

  • Plywood Board Reinforced added.

  • Sheet Metal added.

  • Window Bars added.

PVE Improvement (Only on PVE servers)

  • Damaging other player fortifications and locks is no longer possible.

  • Damage from vehicles is now disabled.

  • Damage from explosions and traps disabled.


  • Energy drinks now effect stats correctly.


  • Added mental health visual effects which get worse as mental health gets worse.

  • Other players can now be seen consuming items.

  • Death rag doll stability improved


  • Added player initiated server restarting via vote system.

  • Added scheduled restarting functionality which can be set in the serverConfig.txt


  • Added Discord rich presence support which displays an individuals global stats like zombies killed and nights survived. Once in game the information because specific to the player current actions.


  • Removed the faulty bulb effects from player placed bulbs (Lighting inside of circuits)

  • Added faulty bulb flicking for both default and emergency lighting.


  • Improvements to zombie in vicinity system.

  • Improvements to zombie alert sound reactions.

  • Ambient sounds overhaul

    • Wind noise system based on player height in the environment.

    • Dynamic storm sounds playing with heavy rain and storm.

    • Weather sounds transition system when entering buildings.

    • Random ambient events system that plays 3d sounds around the player (frogs/crickets/crows/other birds/wind). Also plays different sounds dependent on time of day.

  • Improved sound design by creating pooled audio playing to stop certain sounds getting cut off.

  • Audio can now be heard after death (during fall to ground)

  • Added new audio control system which muffles and reduces the range of sounds that are behind a wall.


  • Resolved issue which stopped zombies wandering after they had roamed to a sound.

  • Zombies can now open doors that require electricity but only while the door is powered.


  • Reduced the power slightly on Rauser, Lola, Clinchester and the r-6804 to better balance then against specialist weapons.

  • Pump action and FRKS shotguns now use 18 gauge ammo.

  • Added new passive carry positions system which lowers the weapon when not in use. Carry position is entered after time without weapon use. It takes longer to enter when the weapon is in use.


  • Cleaning kit guide point no longer says you need cloth when it was actually rags.

  • Fixed wind up flashlight description.

  • Dot in the center of the screen (cross hair) no longer displays when looking at objects more than several meters away. This was causing confusion as players were assuming bullets would hit at cross hair location when fired from the hip position.

  • Lock kits no longer show resources left next to name.

  • Lock kits now show their max application strength in the inventory after being removed.

World Interaction

  • Resolved issue where items would move slightly after been dropped

  • Stopped entry into placement mode when item would be on top of another item.

  • Explosions now have reduced damage when there is a wall between the explosion and the object getting damaged.

  • Improved item placement stability. This should hopefully fix any remaining issues around placed items going missing.

  • Fixed issue which meant that locks weren't being cleared from the database after being destroyed. This resulted in locks with 1 condition after server restart.

  • Fixed issue which stopped explosions affecting locks after first one.

  • Added loads of new harvest locations linked to the new police station props.

  • Removed the ability to drop certain items that require snapping to the ground surface.

  • Improved placement mode by making item snap to the nearest downward surface.

  • Added functionality for automatic opening/closing doors for when power gets activated/deactivated.


  • Long weapons can now spawn upright in the gun store and armories.

  • Double barrel and hunting rifles now spawn at farm houses.

  • Added new 18 gauge shotgun ammo.

  • Specialist ammo no longer spawns at non special POI based locations.

  • Specialist weapons no longer spawn in non special POI based locations.

  • Ammo at POI locations are now full boxes by default.


  • Added new police station POI building.

  • Added commercial glass sliding doors.

  • Added shooting range props.

  • Added various new police station props.


  • Improved carry positions for other players.

  • Added new eating animations for other players.

  • Added new drinking animations for other players.

  • Added new pill taking animation for other players.

  • Improved pistol carry animations for other players.


  • Added new electric police cell door.

  • Added new electric armory door.

  • Added new 1 way electric security door.

  • Added new black office type door.

Covid19 and the Team

We here at a2z want to wish you all the best and just a quick reminder (not that you need it) to please stay safe and home if possible. We have temporarily closed down the office in the UK and are working from home.

Thanks for the continued support and continued issue and suggestion reporting. Below are some helpful links to anyone new and interested in the game. If you'd like to follow a bit closer, please consider joining our Discord we're here, we're listening!

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