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1.8 Preview (Design | Power Lines | Solo Preview++)

February 12

We’ve continued sorting through found issues in 1.6 while developing our 1.7 and 1.8 patches. This week we'll just be showcasing a few quick images showcasing our 1.8 graphical update and also a short video previewing the 1.7 solo/server experience. Work continues on on our electric grid and global design. While Andre and Jos are cracking along on the 1.8 update, James has made some great progress with our server/solo release.

Power Grid and Global Design

Jos has continued developing our power grid system. Power lines will make for some exciting future gameplay once our power plant is up and running. In the meantime they'll provide great atmosphere and guidance. Jos has also added quite a few more log cabins in the path of power lines. We will be adding more structures in coming builds to fill out our wild areas.

Lines converging on a small sub-station

Smaller residential lines (new lighting in this shot)

Larger lead lines with additions of clear cutting and small cabins


Continued Design and Lighting

The team continues to develop the 1.8 patch, you'll notice many texture updates along with the addition of new props. Lighting is a big factor in this update and last week we showcased some interior lighting, this week you'll find a few exterior shots below.

Exterior lighting


A Quick Solo Preview

We've spent some time testing and working on solo/hosting this week. Below is just a quick clip of JB adjusting settings and joining a solo play session.


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