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1.7 Preview (Solo Gameplay | Server Hosting | New Plans++)

January 29

We’ve continued sorting through found issues in 1.6 while developing our 1.7 patch. As you might have noticed from the title, plans have changed slightly. In order to try and keep things timely we’ve decided to swap our design and server file updates around.

Solo Play, Server Hosting and a Change of Plans

After quite a bit of thinking, we have decided to change things up a bit here. As you know, we have been working on our graphical overhaul for some time now and it's going great. Over the last week or so the team has been testing development builds. Updated textures, props, lighting and environmental changes are really coming along. We have made our initial pass and feel there's a bit more time to spend with a graphical overhaul so that's exactly what we'll be doing. We're switching up our 1.7 and 1.8 updates. Alpha 1.7 will now consist of the MUCH requested solo and hosted gameplay.

Solo Gameplay

Take a look over at our steam community pages, our reviews or any of our social media platforms and you'll see one glaring request..single player! You will find both solo and hosting options in the 1.7 patch. You will be able to host a solo game session without the need to adjust firewall settings or open ports. Allowing for a local server to run in the background which will emulate single player.

Joining a Solo Server

Solo Server Setup

Hosted Gameplay

Players will be able to self host a co-op server natively from their own machine (Windows/Mac). This will allow you to host a server for just friends or anyone if you choose to list the server publicly. You'll be in charge and the server will only remain up when you're online so no need to worry about griefers. Outside of opening the relevant port and allowing firewall access, this method of play should allow for an easy setup co-op experience.

Hosted Server Setup

Server Files

Solo and Hosting in game aren't the only options. We'll also be releasing our linux server build so you can host on a dedicated machine or VPS. These servers will run just like our current official servers and be able to remain online indefinitely.

In Closing

Our idea with this update is to allow players to experience the game in the way they want without over complicating things for the player that just wants a co-op or solo experience. All config editing is done from in game as well as database backup and management.

Expect the new 1.7 (Server/Solo play) some time in feb and the now 1.8 (design/graphical) update some time afterwards.

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