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1.7 Preview (Interior Redesign | Electric Grid ++)

January 22

We’ve continued sorting through found issues in 1.6 while developing our 1.7 graphical overhaul base. Below we’ll discuss just a few of the changes you can expect to see in our next patch.

Interior Redesign

The graphical update isn't just environmental and exterior based. We'll also be introducing updated props, new textures/normal maps, interior vertex painting and new props among other features. You'll find new models throughout the world and there will be more to come as we move forward. This initial update will include a large chunk of redesign but there will be more to come in the future. We will release a forum thread alongside the graphical update. This will allow the community to post suggestions on props that need updating. Below is a gif and a sneak peak at some of our interior design changes.

Interior Design Rework​

Electrical Grid

As some of you may know, we have always planned for a fully functional electric grid. You will start to see the beginnings of this system in the graphical update in the form of power lines and small sub-stations. The power grid will be rather extensive even in its initial introduction. You'll find multiple power line models and a detailed, well thought out 'grid system'. Outside of the future mechanics of providing power, these lines can be used as a guidance system. The image below details this plan rather nicely.

Electrical Grid​


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