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1.7 Preview (Structure Re-Texture | Environmental Design++)

January 8

Thank you all very much for the continued support and issue reporting on our current 1.6 stable build. We'll continue 1.7 work while sorting the issues you find in 1.6. If you’d like to keep an eye on exactly what we’re up to please check out the changelog. Below are just a few of the reworks and additions going into the 1.7 patch.

Structure Textures and Shaders

For some time textures on structures have always looked very uniform and repetitive because of their large surfaces. In the coming update we’ll introduce improved textures alongside a new set of shaders with the ability to "vertex paint" different textures. This will break up the large surfaces and achieve a more realistic and weathered look. We’re making interior shader adjustments also and we’ll likely showcase those in a coming devblog. The images below are a work in progress.

Structures have more detail and variation in detail

Vegetation detail and vertex painting

Higher quality textures​

Prop Re-Work and Re-Texture

This shader and texture improvement also applies to general world props. We’ve taken some time to analyze how much time an item spends on screen. We’ll use this information to update world props as we move through additional design phases. You can help with this by suggesting what props could use an update on our forum.

Improved exterior props and textures​


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