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1.6 Preview (Door Mechanics | Commercial Generator ++)

November 27

We've continued reviewing issues found in 1.5 and we'll have fixes out in 1.6 for some of the issues you've found. Work continues on the prison island and the town connected to it along with some new features and rewards. Below is just a quick update to keep everyone in the loop.

Door Mechanics | Prison Features and Rewards

The prison will feature a few new door mechanics. One of them is keycard accessed doors. These doors will only open with a keycard and all keycards will be single use. These cards can be found in the game world. For example, to access the prison bridge gate room you'll need to find the keycard on the main island. We've had a good deal of fun developing these features and would like to expand on these little 'mini quest' like chains in the future.

The prison keycard

Prison keycard in game (background looks familiar doesn't it?)

Prison Armory and Rewards

The prison is quite a challenge. The last stand in the cell house can get very intense. There are nearly 90 working cells in the tower and a mess of angry zombies to deal with. The reward for completing this POI outside of gained XP is a massive armory. Along with the main armory, players will find a sizable medical supply along with a secondary armory. There should be loads of weapons, medical items and ammo to stock on. Should you make it through to the end, you'll also find yourself a prison bus to make a quick escape. Outside of these rewards we'll be introducing (at community request) extended magazines. These will only be found at the prison :)

More ammunition = good​

Commercial Generators

1.6 will see the prison introduction and along with it a few new introductions. Some of you might remember our older builds. These builds featured non-working commercial generators on larger structures. We'll be introducing this mechanic working in 1.6. You'll find commercial generators on POIs like the prison and police stations. As per player request, we've also removed the ability to lock rooms generators are located in.

Commercial generator

1.6 Experimental Build

As some of you might know, the team is based in the UK. Over the recent weeks we've had to temporarily close the office and move our work to home due to COVID. It's not an ideal situation for anyone and we're doing our best to get through the difficulties of working out of office. We hope to have a solid experimental build out shortly and thank you for your patience. The team would like to remind everyone to stay safe and thanks for the continued input and support.


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