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1.6 Preview (Prison Island | New Vehicle | New Door Mechanics++)

November 13

We've continued reviewing issues found in 1.5 and we'll have fixes out in 1.6 for some of these issues. Work continues on the prison island and the town connected to it.


We've selected a player suggested name for the new town and island. It will be known as 'Bitterhold'. The island is nearly fully designed and we've had a solid play through on prison mechanics this morning. We have a bit more work to do but should have an experimental build out shortly. There are some new mechanics on the island including the draw bridge, timed doors, doors that require a keycard and doors that are more easily operated with two players.

Prison entrance, mess hall in distance

Mess hall

Timed door up the stairs on the left

Keycard required

Draw bridge in action

Bus interior


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