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1.6 Preview(Prison Island | Halloween Event ++).

October 30

We're currently developing the 1.6 patch. Our Halloween event is live, our Halloween sale is live with 50% off and all merch is currently 20% off :) Thanks much for the support.

Prison Island & New Town

Work continues on our 1.6 patch, the prison island and yet unnamed town attached to it are coming along nicely. Below are a couple of screenshots to wet your whistle :p. The sewer system (and possible prison entrance?) is cleaning up nicely. Textures on these models are likely short placeholders as our 1.7 graphical update will see texture improvements. We've been asking the community for help in naming the new town. This new town will replace the current prison island and the new prison island is attached via an overpass. The prison is called 'Black Ridge Prison' so keep that in mind. Leave your suggestions in a comment below. We will pick out a few favorites and have a vote to make the final decision. :)

Emergency lighting in the sewer system

Looking up towards the sun and parking lot

This system can be used in the future for town sewers

Parkour entrance

Gate and entrance

Drive-In (Night of the Living Dead)

Our Halloween event has started and will remain in effect until the 2nd of November. The drive-in and movie will remain. You'll find two new Points of Interest on our island. The Baron drive-in is located just north of Sage Creek and just southwest of Mount Baron. While trick-or-treating, the player will find a film case. Bring the film to the projection room at the drive-in and load it into the project to watch the entire "Night of the Living Dead" movie. :)


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